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Subj: Re: re-calibrating royal family tree
Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 at 01:46:16 am EDT (Viewed 114 times)
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    Secret Warriors 005 (2017)

    OMG! Karnak is Leer's father?!

    OMG! Is that an actual S.E. footnote to a crossover issue Captain America 025?!

    OMG! Karnak subjected his son to experimentation! After the Inhumans lost Terrigen Mists, after the Tower of Wisdom was established, and before the HYDRA takeover of the USA?! Frustratingly vague and questionable excuseexpostion of Leer's origin.

So by my family math that means Leer is:

Triton's nephew
Crsytal, Medusa, Black Bolt and Maximus's first cousin once removed
Ahura and Luna's second cousin

and from what I gather Karnak isn't directly related to Gorgon...Karnak and Triton are Black Bolt and Maximus's cousins because Karnak and Triton's father Mander is the brother of Black Bolt and Maximus's mother Rynda and Gorgon's their cousin because Gorgon's father Korath is the brother of Black Bolt and Maximus's father Agon.

I guess the only relation between Karnak and Gorgon is that Gorgon's uncle married Karnak's aunt...but I don't think that makes them relatives.

Reading the Kirby 100 Anniversary True Beliecers issue (a reprint of Amazing Adventures 1 and 2), it is stated TWICE that Medusa and Crystal are cousins, not sisters. What gives?