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Subj: Re: Remember that time DOOM 2099 took over the USA?
Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 at 06:29:44 pm EDT (Viewed 60 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Remember that time DOOM 2099 took over the USA?
Posted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 at 05:51:53 am EDT (Viewed 162 times)

    I found my way to these boards by going to the now closed 2099 boards. To tell the truth I've barely read much of Secret Empire and Hydra Cap.
    The difference is that Cap has been altered by some kind of reality switch from what I understand of it. He was raised as a Nazi and then transplanted here.

    As for Doom 2099 it was my nephews that liked the comic at the time. I had dropped out of comics around the time Steve Englehart was on his Fantastic Four run. I found it so awful I just quit comics altogether for almost 10 years. Doom 2099 was my lead in to slowly picking up more titles. It was a pretty good time because then you had the Heroes Reborn / Heroes Return so in a way it was almost like starting on the ground floor again since a lot of stuff was relaunching.

    In any case, I found the Doom 2099 run to be quite amazing. You had the groundwork laid by John Francis Moore and then to top it off that new guy Warren Ellis stepped in to take over. I think it helped that for most of the run they had the same artist, Pat Broderick so that the transition was fairly smooth. Although Ellis ended up killing off a lot of Doom's supporting cast in the One Nation Under Doom crossover. Later on I tracked down the Fantastic Four 2099 run. Earlier in 2099, Doom did encounter a game simulation version of the Fantastic Four while exploring cyber space. FF 2099 had a short run since this was at the time of Marvel's financial crisis. They let go the 2099 line's editor Joe Cavalieri and they canceled almost the entire 2099 line and rolled it into one title, World of 2099. Warren Ellis and some other writers quit in support of Joe.

    Doom's takeover was ruthlessly efficient as written by Ellis. He put together some alliances with Wakanda's Panther's Rage and other groups of mercenaries. He had decided that the US as ruled by the corrupt megacorps were a menace to Latveria and the rest of the world and he found many allies who agreed. Their coup was successful but it was short lived and the Megacorps struck back.

    Warren Ellis's issues were recently collected and I would recommend it to anyone. It has some nice bonus material too, like Doom's Manifesto for the new government of the US and an old interview with Warren Ellis where he describes his plans for the series.


Well said. I'm a 2099 fan too, was on the 2099 UG alvaro board back in the day, and also loved ONUD. Spider-Man 2099 and Doom 2099 are my favorite series, and also like Ghost Rider 2099 and X-Men 2099 and the rest. It's a shame of the Marvel bankruptcy, the letting-go of Joey Cavalieri, and the intended 2101 era of books we were denied from Joey Cavalieri departure. I usually only read Marvel comics that have 2099, or possible 2099, stuff in them.

- Rodimus

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