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Subj: Re: Inhumans - Once and Future Kings #2: Retro continuity impressions?
Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 at 12:47:13 pm EDT (Viewed 134 times)
Reply Subj: Inhumans - Once and Future Kings #2: Retro continuity impressions?
Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 at 12:24:06 pm EDT (Viewed 151 times)

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Inhumans - Once and Future Kings 002 (2017)

What did you think of the whole kit and caboodle?

Nice enough art but page layout with one panel using(wasting?) artspace [to serve as a "chapter title page"?] feels too copy-cat to Mr.Miracle series. Not sure which is the chicken and which is the egg of the two books but, for some reason, double exposure to this 'creative look' (ala short lived Omega Men series) started to feel... like it could get tired very soon. And a nit to pick about that cover: nothing like that happens and Lockjaw is drawn horribly on it. As for the canon-tweaking story, the red flags raised, have me wrestling with how to rate it.

[EDIT: Reading Deathstroke #23 now... and they got the themestyled "black panel titles" layout going on too!]

THIS ISH we see:

·Unspoken is competant as interim leader not to be so easily duped by Seeker.

·Karnak enters the picture and is assigned to help Seeker find the AWOL Royals.

·HOW (evidentally) Agon and Rynda died. Although no real details yet.

·That Maximus had meds available to prevent his Madness Condition.

·In a flashback aaaaalllll the way back to LAST ISSUE, we see an untold scene (like an odd retcon only 30 days later) that Maximus actually killed on of the captured attackers in cold blood and against BB's wish - all in the name of valor.

·Elisha has in fact taken the AWOL Royals to NYC post-FF#1. So, they're in their 'teens' and Lockjaw is like a pup by the time the FF meet them?! Clearly Unspoken should be gone and out of the picture by the end of this mini too - if the FF never met him in Universe 8 too.

·The Royals first encounter THE WIZARD! Hmm... this could be interesting. (Remind me how Medusa previously first met Bentley before this... revamp? Just out of curiousity how much this is retcon and how much it could just be unrevealed.)

·Gorgon enters the picture and is assigned as Viceroy to Unspoken.

·Wizard was helping Elisha arm the Alpha Primitives. Wizard knows about The Inhumans and how they transform normal humans. Wizard invents collar to allow BB to -unremarkably- chit chat (again). Wizard claims to want to save humanity in the inevitable Inhuman War... yeah right. Is this leading up to him recruiting Medusa for the Frightful Four or was that some kind of payback cruelty?

·Karnak is cool again! Take that Seeker! Even if it did take the K-man 3 pages.

·Triton enters the picture and is some lab subject of some lab. For some reason he can't talk English where his fellow Royals were communicating fine all issue.

·Another SILLY, albeit cute, backup story teaming up Lockjaw and Wolverine. TWO PAGEs of the normal 20page count are used(wasted?) up by the whole "kitten cat-boodle". Pun intended. Cats are the new cash cows. ;\)

Support Cancer Research and Alzheimer Research.

Is the Unspoken Maximus and Black Bolt (and Gorgon's?) uncle?

I don't get why he would be king in between Agon and Black Bolt unless he was closely related to the Agon side of the family. And even then I thought they had that whole they pick the king based on the best genes thing going on in Inhuman society.

(I wonder if the old plot point from Fantastic Force that the Seeker is an identical twin is still true...I wonder if the Seeker's twin from Fantastic Force has the same power the Seeker did in this issue)

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