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    We had the big reveal on the nemeses plaguing Doom. Its not Reed Richards from ultimate Earth. Its none other than .....

    So, that probably is Cynthia Von Doom enthralled with the devil whom probably still has some claim on her soul. Really should have seen that one coming, but, thought it might be pretty cool to see ultimate Reed vs Doom with the hero role reversal happening so gave it no thought.
    Ben tries fighting Mephisto off (still in the guise of Reed) as he attacks the SHIELD helicarrier but never has a chance despite the valiant effort. Dr. Strange guest stars and helps Doom delve into the mystery as Victor finally realizes the truth.
    Not a bad read. I've issues with some of the lazy dialogue between the characters involved. Hate the common speak of Strange, for instance. Certain characters like Reed, Doom and Strange just seem to me like they should have immaculate English. Sharon Carter as director is there, too, but she also sounds like Maria Hill, Jessica Jones or most any other female character that Bendis' writes.
    Next month maybe we will get a big confrontation between Doom and Mephisto? Never know with these books, nowadays.

I have mixed feelings about the bait and switch of the main adversary from being the Maker to Mephisto. I'd have been OK with it being the Maker since Stephen and Victor really didn't interact with him that much in Secret Wars. Hickman's Ultimate Reed was much better that what he devolved into in those last gasp issues of Ultimate Fantastic Four. But now that Mephisto has entered onto the stage it does raise the stakes and it is a long awaited (by me anyway) of the main 3 from the GN Triumph and Torment.

I'm still not convinced the woman is Cynthia and if you recall last issue, Victor doesn't think so either. The clue? Remember, it was a rabbit and not a frog (I'll leave you to find it)

Don't you think the story sort of cheats on things a bit? Characters from the Ultimate universe have been distinquished from those from the MU because the Ultimate ones have their dialogue lettered in mixed case whereas the MU is in all capitals. I guess you could say Mephisto is really good at disguising himself.

Bendis for me always does things too slowly with his decompression. I feel like this reveal should have been done at least in issue #10 or maybe even #9. I just can't see how he can wrap everything up in one issue.

As this series comes to it's conclusion, I have to say that on the whole it has been better than I expected. The bad?

1. The decompression.
2. Doctor Strange's dialogue. Really Bendis? Autozone?

The Good
2. Seeing a partial reunion of Fantastic Four characters (Ben & Johnny
3. Recalling Ben's days at Project Pegasus days
4. Bendis's version of Victor striving for redemption has grown on me.
5. The artistic collaboration of Maleev and the painted coloring of Matt Hollingsworth has a some terrifically spectacular moments, like the last page of this issue.

And can I say that I really like their version of Ben?

Liked this example of Maker/Mephisto and Ben charging at each other

Nice to see the Marvel Two In One days are still remembered...

Maleev's version of the Thing is far too inconsistent for my liking. The page of Ben charging into Mephisto is great except the arm and fist in the foreground really should be larger than the one in the background. Then there's the pic of Ben with his back to the reader. Too human looking. Small fists on hips. Narrow waist. Really bad. Really sloppy from panel to panel.
I do now recall the rabbit and frog clue. So its not likely its Doom's Mother. Perhaps as Reverend Meteor suggests its an alternate reality version. It may be revealed next issue, but with Bendis and Marvel these days who knows?
Strange's dialogue was off with the speaking in slang and the attempted humor with the auto zone remark. Suddenly we have product placement in Marvel? Just kidding. I hope.