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Subj: Re: Is the Search going to result in something or be a dead end?
Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 at 08:25:30 am EDT (Viewed 108 times)
Reply Subj: Is the Search going to result in something or be a dead end?
Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 at 12:44:52 am EDT (Viewed 149 times)

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I remember how FF Unlimited had a search for Reed when he was presumed dead from DeFalco, and there were a lot of empty stories since they never intended to have him come back until DeFalco's hand was forced. So that will be key here... If this story actually has a resolution, a lot of people will be happy. If it is a fake out search story that results in nothing but Ben and Johnny continuing together... I'll still prefer that over where they've been in the last couple of years, but it will feel like an empty beginning to this book.

I've never read anything by Chip Zdarsky, but have seen some negative comments. Looks like other than single issues here and there, Marvel wise he's only had a couple short runs on Howard the Duck and Spectacular Spider Man. What's the main complaint about his writing? I like the interview and how his favorite run is the Simonson run (mine too) and he started reading during Byrne's run (me too) as he is close to three years younger than me. (I'm 44)
I'll give him a chance since I don't know his writing. I did read an issue of Jughead that he wrote, but the Archie universe is a whole different feel that I can't judge how he will write this book from that one.

He's responsible for the most successful Howard the Duck since Gerber.