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Subj: Re: What happened when Ben mutated in 1986?
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Reply Subj: Re: What happened when Ben mutated in 1986?
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          The Fantastic Four issue does resolve it: the Mole Man cured him. It's just rather pat.


          Yes, in #296 they show that the Mole Man uses some machines to stabilize him.


        Did we learn WHY he mutated in the first place? I remember the resolution but I don't remember what caused the mutation to begin with. Was that ever explained?

    Yeah, this was my real issue with it. I did have that Mole Man issue to read on the backburner (bad memory there... it's not like I've never read it before) but I didn't get why it happened in the first place.

OK, my memory was bad here. 296 did not address it at all. In 297, Reed says he had undergone cellular mutation, but it went into remission while he was with the Mole Man. So physically, he wasn't much different after that then when he left the FF.

299 has he and Jen talking through his path from Secret Wars to the present, where he says "something" made him mutate, so he went to live with the Mole Man.

So yes, very vague and not much information. I'm guessing they (Roger Stern and the FF editors) didn't want to revisit the whole mutation storyline so they glossed over it to put it behind them.

I recall him getting dizzy spells when he was hanging around with Vance Astro. Those spells eventually got worse and he started mutating. Ben wondered a couple of times why it was happening but it was never answered.