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LOL, that's true. You can probably include Sue as well since during Robinson's run they scratched up her aggressiveness in protecting her child to her Malice personality. I didn't care for that and are they now saying that she has a permanent dark side? I thought Malice was its own entity.

Nevertheless, all of Byrne's ladies sooner or later go crazy.

I don't like the idea that saving her child equates to a dark side but I also don't like the notion that she doesn't have one. We all have one.

If you're not willing to kill or die to protect your children you probably shouldn't have them.

The Malice thing is too long to recap but Infinity War Malice was somehow both internal and external. The Infinity War version was a doppelganger created by Magus but she was (in a vague way I don't think explained) also still a part of Sue's personality that had probably been lurking there all along (or since the miscarriage or when Psycho Man first turned her into Malice). Later she went into Psi-Lord's mind and then the Dark Raider's I think. But in a way she was Sue's dark side. If memory serves Sue first encountered her inside her own mind not in the real world like everyone else affected by Infinity War.

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