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Subj: Re: Beavis and Butthead appear in Marvel Legacy #1... no, wait, that's...
Posted: Sat Sep 30, 2017 at 11:26:44 pm EDT (Viewed 79 times)
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      I think frustration by some posters with a poor product is sometimes perceived as negativity. I am not a negative poster (although sometimes I may come across that way). I want a good FF product. I simply feel that there has not been a very good Fantastic Four comic in quite some time. Hickman's and Fraction's "FF" were pleasant diversions but I did not consider them "real" Fantastic Four titles. Little kids as leads is entertaining only up to a point.

    I don't think you can say the children were the leads. Much of Hickman's had to deal with the Council of Reeds, you had a run in with Annihilus that lead to Johnny making what might have been the supreme sacrifice had they allowed the death to stand, the fight with the Mad Celestials etc.

I would have them as leads in the "FF" titles. Maybe not so much Fraction's, which featured Scott Lang, Medusa, Darla Deering, etc. but that run was very cartoony and had the kids very front and center.


      Hickman's Fantastic Four run was good up to a point IMO. Even if I consider his total run a success that still means there hasn't been a good Fantastic Four comic since 2011, including the last couple of years where the team has been MIA.

    Hickman's Fantastic Four was rolled into Secret Wars and it ended with what might be the last battle between Reed and Doom. That did end in January 2015. Never really read much of Ben's appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy but Bendis had a nice story of Ben coming back to Earth to visit his old haunts after the Guardians ship was destroyed.

I did my best to follow Hickmans' mega arc in the Avengers titles but lost interest. I do realize that Secret Wars was very much a Doom/Fantastic Four book in spirit. I can't read anything by Bendis anymore. I've tried, I really have.

    If and when Ike Perlmutter either moves on to that big boardroom in the sky or he softens his position with Fox Studios, I think we'll see some changes. The Marvel Two in One is definitely going to be on my list to buy in December.

    Maybe Marvel did help things because there's been a lot of interest for getting the Fantastic Four back lately on message boards. They did the same thing some years back by cancelling Thor. They relaunched with JMS and Copiel and it was one of their successes.

I still think the movie rights play a large role with the FF and will hinder their spotlight in comics.


      It's very frustrating as a fan of these characters and comic to see either mediocre or poor product. Two kids on space scooters doesn't get me excited. Hopefully Marvel Two in One is a decent title that maybe winds up reuniting the team.

    It's just a preview. Don't read so much into it. Marvel 2 in 1 is going to focus on Ben and Johnny's search for Reed and Sue.

I will give this title a shot. I'd be pleasantly surprised to see the team united, I just think it's odd that this will happen in a book not called "Fantastic Four". Maybe MTIO will change it's title 5 issues is, which would roughly correspond with Fantastic Four 650.

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