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Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 at 05:08:01 pm EDT (Viewed 135 times)
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    So Friday night views are 2-1 Hawaii vs NY shows ☺

    Since I watched it on Hulu I'm not sure. Did they air 2 episodes or just the one? Come the second episode I was a bit bummed about Karnak's head trauma thing, you have Medusa with no hair and Karnak with failing senses. Not a good start, usually they toss the powerless situations in the 2nd seasons to up the challenge level. I thought in the comics Auran was more of a hyper senses kind of mutant, but they are making her kind of wolverinish here.

They showed the first two episodes.

With Karnak, It almost felt like they were suggesting that their powers might work differently on Earth. I was half expecting Black Bolt to show some super strength or fly away when he was surrounded by the cops.

Which brings me to my other comment, how they depowered Crystal and Black Bolt. I can kind of understand Crystal since they make her appear to be a teenager, but comic Crystal could have just flown off her balcony and would not have been so easily captured while wielding all 4 "elements". Same thing with Black Bolt, they hinted a little at extra strength, but his voice appears to be the only power they've given him.