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Finally watching the first episode, this is a LOT better than I thought it was going to be. Lockjaw is, of course, the star of the show since he's Lockjaw. Maximus is convincing and Karnak is pretty darned impressive. Maybe sitting through this in a theater paying for IMAX seats would be rough and Medusa vs the Norelco trimmer was kinda funny (amazing how with all their advancements Inhumans developed the same electric hair trimmers we did)

Rumor has it the show won't be renewed already, they should wait for it to air.

It was adequate at best. The entire Inhuman family is depowered for TV. The actor playing Maximus is good. I enjoyed Gorgon more than I thought I would. The actress portraying Crystal is so close to Jack Kirby's original artwork. Facially, not costume wise. Which is very cool. And I liked her performance as a young, naïve princess. Lockjaw was the best thing about the show.
But it failed to engage me in so many ways. Medusa's always been my favorite Inhuman. Her head getting shaved is annoying. Any seasoned fan of the character, let alone the mass audience, never got a chance to see what an important part of her power set her follicles truly are. So, why should anyone care she had them shaved? Now she's just one of hundreds of generic action heroines on TV. The actor playing Black Bolt is in a tough position. To his credit he tried to emote without voice a good performance, but, I don't think it really came across well. Somewhat Charlie Chaplin comical. Not even sure if Karnak's powers were ever properly explained or established before now losing them. Triton didn't do much. The audience is expected to care about what happened to him on the Royal Family's general concern. The lower caste alpha primitive's were even more generic than their comic counterparts. There was something intimidating about the fact they all looked the same in the comic. Now they're just dull, lower class people like me.
I don't think the budget is anywhere near big enough to display their true abilities, either. One reason they are depowered and Medusa lost her hair, I'm guessing.
The show is not even DVR worthy up against Z-Nation in my eyes let alone making time to watch it in the future if I were to do so. I'll only tune in again if I truly have nothing better to do.