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Subj: Re: I say bring back the FF on newsprint...
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Bring them back and just stop messing with them. Baxter building/no kids/no 12 issue arcs. Just the Fantastic Four. please? I mean I said please....

I am certainly own with shorter stories. We have had 15 years of decompression, can we stop now.

As for the kids. I don't think that anybody really likes Val. I think it should be revealed that she and the alternate reality Jean Grey should be secretly responsible for all the upheaval i the Marvel U in the past few years.

She has screamed supervillian since she first talked and was revealed to be a super genius beyond super geniuses. Terrible idea

Franklin? Well, he has his moments, but the whole little kid thing and inability to nail down an age, can be taxing.

So, what can you do? Reed and Sue can't abandon their kids. Killing them would drastically shift the nature of the book.

I say send them off to some Xavier like school. It makes sense for powers, brains, and safety. They are the Fantastic Four, so they can visit when they need to,taking away any issues of boarding school, and takes them away from being underfoot.

Most of the parenting can be done off panel with visits referenced, or shown just as they are ending or beginning. It also keeps them as potential for future stories.