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Subj: Re: FF power tweaks
Posted: Tue Oct 24, 2017 at 09:48:25 am EDT (Viewed 131 times)
Reply Subj: FF power tweaks
Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 at 07:39:16 pm EDT (Viewed 174 times)

    Does the FF need them? I say YES!

I'm not sure if "need" is the right word but some tweaks might be beneficial.

    Here are my ideas:

    1. Thing: It will be revealed that after Secret Wars (where he became the great wall of battleworld) that Ben has always been able to influence his mass but never really utilized that ability. I'd have Ben be able to increase his mass to become stronger and play with the heavy hitters. It can only last short term due to the strain on his body. His regular form would still be his default but I'd add a smaller form where his rocky epidermis is super dense and it would be very difficult to seriously hurt him but the trade off would be decrease in strength.

I like the idea of Ben being able to increase his strength in some manner. I don't know that mass or density really make sense as the mechanism. It should probably be energy-based, maybe cosmic energy, maybe negative energy from the Negative Zone. It should be time-bound, lasting only 90 seconds, and should alter his personality to make him, for those 90 seconds, a berserker. His scales should also change colors so we get a clear visual cue. Gray might work.

    2. Johnny: building on Reverend Meteor's idea of having Johnny burn a blue flame, why not give him the whole spectrum? Each color would have different effects and I'd reveal that the color also effects his personality. Johnny has been a jerk and a hot head over the years because he's constantly burned red. Perhaps blue would be soothing and calm him down.

I wouldn't change Johnny from a power-perspective at all. I would simply have him employ more often a power he already has, which is to absorb the heat around him. He can put an entire room into instant deep-freeze. That could surely be more useful than would be indicated by how rarely he does it. I'm sure he could also absorb the heat from an opponent's body. That would stop someone dead in their tracks, even someone with a healing factor, like Wolverine.

    3. Sue: I'd remove the almost-telekinetic powers. I know a lot of folks might hate that as it takes away a lot of the power that writers like Byrne gave her, but hear me out. She's still be able to become invisible, project force fields, etc. What I'd add is the ability to "see the unseen". Why is Sue always so intuitive? Because she can sense what normal people cannot. While not a mind reader she would be skilled at sensing what people are hiding or keeping hidden. Furthermore she could see or sense invisible portals or gateways to other dimensions. I'd also give her true invisibility, undetectable by technology. She'd be much more of a stealth character.

I don't like the telepathy-like ability you describe but I definitely like the notion of her being able to see matter or energy that is invisible to everyone else.

    4. Reed: the hardest to re-imagine. I'd probably have him lose his stretching powers altogether. His real power is his mind. Maybe it's time for an de-powered I'm sure Reed could really turn his costume into a high-tech device, competing with Stark and Doom. I don't know, Reed's tough.

Jack Kirby would often depict Reed as having some super-strength as a result of his stretching powers. I would make this more explicit and frequent. Like he could wrap his arm around a car and then toss the car. He wouldn't be as strong as Ben, but I would make him as strong as Spider-Man and show this on a regular basis.

    5. Kids: make Franklin 11 or 12 slowly developing his powers. Stop with the universe creating, it's annoying. Valeria: just a normal kid, no big brain.

Since Franklin is going to remain a kid forever, I would keep his powers limited. Actually, I think the power to make himself invisible would be quite enough. It would allow him to hide and run away, which is all he should be doing. No force field, because his entire role is to provide someone his parents need to rescue, and a force field would undermine that.

Valeria can remain a genius. I've never minded her super intellect. If Franklin can turn invisible and Valeria has super intellect, it's an obvious connection to their parents, which, let's face it, would make sense.

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