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Subj: Re: FLASH March 14th
Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 at 07:41:48 am CDT (Viewed 280 times)
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    Wells19 encourages Cisco to rig a device to track Barry while he is in the Speed Force.

    Cisco vibes Barry into the Speed Force (why Barry couldn't enter it himself?)

    The Speed Force is not pleased with Barry for Flashpoint.

Man the Speed Force can be a real dick when it wants to prove a point. That said I always enjoy an episode where the universe tells Barry he sucks as a person.

    The Speed Force speaks with Barry in the form of Eddie Thawne as the first test to point out that they were not happy with Flashpoint and to test his honesty for being there this time.

    Barry then out runs a time wraith and meets up with the Speed Force in the form of Ronnie Raymond. After they talk, Barry has to deal with Black Flash/Hunter Zolomon and uses the device in his emblem to defeat him.

Is it even Hunter Zolomon? I mean the same creature popped up on Legends of Tomorrow. I'm thinking there's more than one of these black flash/time wraith guys.

    Thus his link back to Earth is broken and while Barry talks to the personification of Snart in the SF who is basically trying to get Barry to man up and realize that only the FLASH and not Kid Flash can take down Savitar, John Wesley Shipp returns as jay Garrick!

    Barry has a speed moment where he is fast enough to save Jay from a blast from Snart and then they free Wally while Snart looks on with a smile on his face. I'm guessing Barry has had his epiphany. Barry frees Wally but the price of freedom is that another speedster MUST stay in the prison.

I didn't expect the Jay part but I had a feeling the only way for Wally to come out of the Speed Force was for someone to replace him there.

    So JAY opts to stay and tells Barry that he can defeat Savitar as long as he is THE FLASH.

    They use Jay's helmet as the anchor to get pulled back and Barry and Wally are safe.

    Barry is determined to stop Savitar and lock him in the Speed Force prison to free Jay. Here's hoping Jay is free as I like it when Shipp shows up.

    Meanwhile, Jessie uses the Savitar armor piece to track him down and with an idea from Wells19 she uses it to stab Savitar through one of the joint connections in his armor causing him to flee.

So was HR right that Savitar has a weak spot in his armor? Because to me it looked like the key to hurting him was to attack him with a part of his armor.

Which was like the second time this episode I was reminded of plotlines from the Buffy spinoff Angel. Angel's pal Gunn (a Flash fan) had to take Lindsey's place in a hell dimension to get Lindsey out. And the Beast one of the big bads for season 4 was destroyed by a piece of stone from his own body.

    They all later realize this means Savitar is NOT a god but a person in a suit of armor.

    Jesse was told by Savitar that he has plans for her in the future and she decides that Earth 3 needs a Flash until Jay is freed so she goes to Earth 3 on her own as Wally is too traumatized to go with her despite their professing their love.

    Iris wants to restore the engagement but Barry decides he proposed for the wrong reasons and that they need some space.

Barry you idiot. The woman you love is willing to take you back and forgive your botched engagement and still wants to marry you.

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