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Subj: Re: Flash march 28th Aba Kadabra
Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 at 06:27:57 pm BST (Viewed 351 times)
Reply Subj: Flash march 28th Aba Kadabra
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Okay so another villain from the future has arrived, and of course has the knowledge of history regarding Barry and Savitar, and OF COURSE Barry doesn't get the data from him.

Turns out Gypsy from Earth 19 is after him with a vengeance for all those he killed on Earth 19, of course this puts a strain on her and Cisco's relationship especially since she wants him dead for killing her partner/lover.

Turns out Kadabra has been going from Earth to Earth to steal tech and the last piece he needs is a power core from the Time Vault at Star Labs to power his time ship and open a wormhole to go home.

Vibe/Gypsy/Kid Flash/Barry all team up and Barry manages to phase into the ship and phase out with Kadabra. He lets Gypsy take him back to Earth 19 for trial and execution.

But of course as he is from the future, there are many more encounters for him and the Flash.

Also he mentions Thawne, Zoom, Savitar and another villain that hasn't appeared yet, but makes it clear that Savitar is the one that breaks Barry.

Also Kadabra's attack on Star Labs leaves Caitlyn with shrapnel in her and in a ludicrous bit of surgery with her FULLY AWAKE AND NO LOCAL ANESTHETIC to blunt the pain, and barely even restrained on the table thus convulsing in pain, she talks Julian through getting the pieces out.

Later she seems to recover but then after Wells19 returns after a 2 day love romp with some woman, she has an embolism, convulses and flat lines.

They can't revive her, so Julian does the one and only thing to save her since he loves her. He rips off the inhibitor necklace. Her Killer Frost powers come online and she revives and regenerates.

And of course they are so awestruck that they don't think to put the necklace BACK ON before she goes to full power, blasts them away from her then gets up and goes on the attack.

Oh yeah, Barry plans to run to the future to get all the info he can on Savitar. As I recall, back in the Silver Age didn't Barry have some future knowledge of things to come? Been awhile, can't remember for sure.

Also how did Kadabra get to the past in the first place, how did his machine get damaged or wrecked thus forcing him to steal the tech and kill anyone in his way? Plot Hole City.

Ah well, this was still better then the musical episode.

It didn't bother me that he didn't look like Abra Kadabra in the comics. And I didn't mind that they just said it was future tech. What bothered me was the sameness of him. Eobard, Savitar, Zoom, and now Abra are all from the future and all have fought Barry in the future. Talk about beating a dead horse!

The other thing that struck me is how bad the whole team is at being heroes. Team Arrow would have tortured Abra and gotten the information they needed. Team Flash whined about it being wrong to torture a guy and ended up with nothing.

They should have called Oliver if they couldn't stomach it.

OR they should have gotten a lawyer from Earth 19 that could have made a deal with Abra.

The weird thing with this episode was how HR was gone for most of it and then we get a weird explanation that he was with a chick. Either it was bad writing or we'll hear about it again when it turns out HR is Savitar. \:\)

I loved Reverend's comment that Julian is one of the gang now that he did something everyone told him not to and took off Caitlin's bracelet.

Something tells me Killer Frost is here for good. I think the writers have never known what to do with her. Turning her into a villain has been the most character development she's ever had.


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