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Somehow the resolution of Iris's death has to do with HR. No character, I mean no character, gets to have that much happiness in a TV series as we saw HR have in this episode. My gut says he's going bye-bye.

We also have HR's interaction with Cisco's and the huge speech about how HR always comes through for the team. Everything points to HR doing something to save the day. His glance at Savitar's piece of the armor was significant.

Personally, I think HR swapped positions with Iris while Barry and Savitar are running around fighting. He uses his holographic technology to pose as Iris and takes the knife in her place.

Just my thoughts.

Could be. But then again...where the heck was Julian this week?

This was the ONE day you'd think all of Team Flash was locked and loaded and ready to rock, but Julian was conspicuously absent.

My guess...Julian used the image changing device to take Iris' place without telling anyone. She's probably safe and sound on Earth take-your-pick, or somewhere at STAR.

Course, that means Julian snogged Barry and slow danced with Joe but hey, if you're taking one for the team, why not go all the way?

Wait...forget I said that.