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Posted: Thu May 18, 2017 at 01:42:18 am BST (Viewed 12 times)
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Could be. But then again...where the heck was Julian this week?

This was the ONE day you'd think all of Team Flash was locked and loaded and ready to rock, but Julian was conspicuously absent.

My guess...Julian used the image changing device to take Iris' place without telling anyone. She's probably safe and sound on Earth take-your-pick, or somewhere at STAR.

Course, that means Julian snogged Barry and slow danced with Joe but hey, if you're taking one for the team, why not go all the way?

Wait...forget I said that.

Okay now Julian holo-disguising as Iris I could believe.

It is possible that he and Iris discussed the idea and only they knew about it, thus ensuring that Savitar won't know.

It is possible that Iris coached Julian into behaving like she did when she had that big scene with Joe. However it is a hologram disguise so would the engagement ring not fit Julian?

I still think that Barry or Wally is going to time warp back to the death scene with the armor shard and skewer Savitar.

We shall see. \:\)