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Subj: Re: A way to bring RF back into the show
Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 at 02:27:39 pm BST (Viewed 456 times)
Reply Subj: A way to bring RF back into the show
Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 at 04:32:16 am BST (Viewed 497 times)

    Tossing in spoiler tag as a precaution.

    So at the end of Season 1, RF's direct linear ancestor kills himself thus erasing RF. However the result was a time storm/singularity event. I still say this was caused by the erasure of RF and not a trap he left behind for them to deal with as he went home to the future as that would risk his future and his life.

    Also reference the Season 2 finale of Beast Wars for a similar time storm/singularity event.

    Then we had a time remnant of RF from before his erasure running around in Season 2 and for a Season in Legends before Black Flash finally caught up with him.

    However Rip Hunter has formed a new time organization to deal with aberrations in the time stream. One would think that the erasing of RF and the time storm/singularity would amount to a rather HUGE aberration.

Oh god these 2 shows make my head hurt. This is why I like Arrow best. There's not much time travel.

Wouldn't RF be a time aberration? He came from the future and altered the timeline to where Barry got his powers earlier.

    An aberration that can only be fixed by preventing Eddie from killing himself and for Rip Hunter to send RF back to his own timeline.

(head still hurts) maybe Rip's team or the Legends team should fix time by preventing Eobard from ever leaving his century in the first place. The whole Arrow timeline is incorrect. Barry shouldn't have gotten his powers until 7 or so years after he got them in the Arrowverse.

That's what we really need to see. What Earth 1 would be like if Eobard had never messed with it (and what the real Harrison is like). Legends talks about fixing the timeline...well they've done nothing to do that. Eobard coming back in time to kill Nora started this false history. Flashpoint was close I think (not that they explored it worth a dang) but Eobard was still there. Some time goon needs to go the future and just stop Eobard from ever going to the past.

    Thus RF lives and we get 2 seasons at least of revisions to the Flash tv series and a season revision of Legends from the time changes. Thus the poor version of Flashpoint is undone, Caitlyn may not become KF among other things.

I'd rather wait to see RF return. He was used heavily in Flash season 1 and Legends season 2. Let him rest for a while. Maybe we could see Earth 2 Eobard pop in for an episode and him turn out to be helpful.

    Or the simpler methods would be:

    1. An RF from an alternate Earth arrives to menace Barry. a simple solution which I think is happening in this season's crossover event.

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