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Subj: Re: Flash November 7th: ugh.
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Reply Subj: Re: Flash November 7th: ugh.
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    This is the second episode that I had to watch on fast forward, just like the singing episode.

I watched all the way through.

    Caitlyn's secret as KF is out.

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

    Dibney is a major jerk.

I still like him.

    Thinker's chair can fly and shoot energy beams

That part was the only awesome part of the episode.

    Can't go on......awful episode......hurts........

Yeah, it was a terrible episode. Especially the whole drunk Barry blurting out over and over again that he's the Flash to an entire strip club that "the Main Baddie of the Episode owns". Dumb, absolutely dumb. *Shakes head*

Seriously Barry needs to consider the wisdom of going public with his ID on the show.

His villains from the future know all about him, so the secret ID with them is pointless.

His parents are dead, his friends can all pretty much handle themselves.

So perhaps he should go public at this point.

But the legal ramifications Barry would face could be bad....