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Subj: Re: There's a storm coming.
Posted: Fri Dec 01, 2017 at 09:36:13 am EST (Viewed 624 times)
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    Maybe I'm just too low brow for this season of Flash... but, Devoe just bores me to tears almost. I feel this season watching Flash is a chore more than a pleasure.

It's the Flash. Being low brow wouldn't be a hindrance. Devoe is just really boring.

    Also, and I could be very wrong, it looks like possibly what he wants with the Flash is he wants to put his mind in the Flash's body because its the only body that can house his brain due to that medical babble that was explained in the previous episode. About his neurons are retreating or something... meh... Devoe might just be a would be bodysnatcher.

I've been hoping that he's preparing Barry for something like the Anti-Monitor. Self preservation seems a bit pedestrian for a guy who is so smart he can account for variables throughout the multiverse (he knew how ineffective the Council of Wells would be before they assembled).

If he's just another villain who wants to advance himself then I'm not interested in his story. But if they can show that Devoe is working towards some greater good I might warm up to the character.