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Subj: Re: The Flash "Don't Run" Episode *SPOILERS*
Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 at 03:39:37 am GMT (Viewed 90 times)
Reply Subj: Re: The Flash "Don't Run" Episode *SPOILERS*
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    No I'm doubling down on my stance on this one. What ruined Flash...Reverse Flash killing Iris. That was when the book entered it's looooong death spiral. The trial sprung from that event.

    I would say around the time when Golden Glider first showed up was when the series first started to peak but the book got really bad in those Iris-less years.

I agree with you, on a creative level the direction and content of The Flash did suffer a serious blow with the events of Iris' death and its aftermath, but In the interview I linked to Cary Bates himself states that by the mid 1970s sales on The Flash were terrible, "stagnant" as he puts it, and a determined effort was made to shake the book up by killing off Iris. The point being that even before Iris' death the book had been in sustained decline and wasn't appealing to the mass audience. So from a publishing point of view this was a book and character that had been a problem for many years before the Trial storyline came, and much like Supergirl was seen as a logical character to write out. 'The Flash' would go on, but no longer with Barry Allen....

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