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Subj: Re: Didn't anyone else watch the premiere?
Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 at 11:44:06 am EDT (Viewed 701 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Didn't anyone else watch the premiere?
Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 at 09:32:17 pm EDT (Viewed 713 times)

    If Oliver truly gets outed by all rights that is the end of him being mayor and despite all the good he's done in both identities the criminal charges against him would be staggering.

Yes I think his role as mayor would be ended. But maybe one day after all this he could come back with the people knowing who he is and be elected as a mayor again. This term is over. But maybe one day he can come back.

If I was a voter I would be more mad that he lies about not being a vigilante more than the fact that he is one. The killing of dirtbags I can sort of condone and he tries not to do it anymore.

I'm really thinking instead of getting a court case in Flash we're going to get one in Arrow. Oliver is going to have to have an accounting for all the things he's done and a jury of his peers decide whether he should go to jail or not.

    How many has he killed as Arrow and Green Arrow?

That would definitely come up.

    Would they try to blame him for the earth quake attack?

No. That was Merlyn and can probably be proven. I don't think the vigilante/Green Arrow was ever blamed for that.

    Child Services would snatch William from him in a hot second.

Yep. I'm sure his grandparents will be located. Oliver's implied Samantha Clayton's parents are alive I think.

    Everything he did as Mayor in terms of legislation would be scrutinized and likely voided.

I don't know. There was a town (Dawson, GA) a few towns over from mine where the mayor Christopher Wright was accused of being a pedophile when a witness testifying against another pedophile outed the mayor in court. I don't think his decisions were nullified. Heck they even struggled to find a legal basis for ending his run as mayor and he refused to resign. But this is probably will be easy to end his tenure as mayor.

    All of Team Arrow would likely be outed. Which means Diggle's family is at risk, Dinah is likely booted off the police force, and so on.

I think Diggle and Felicity might get outed. Maybe Quentin. Mad Dog and Dinah might be safe.

    I'm thinking Oliver needs to fake his death at this point.

Certainly a possibility. But I say let's just deal with the fallout of his secret coming out. He's been dreading it from day one. Let's see what actually happens when a hero is exposed and all the fallout that comes with it.

Oliver having to actually deal with the secret coming out is where the drama is. And if this season isn't the last one I bet the next season is. Let's just go there and see what happens.

    When Tony Stark at the end of Iron Man 1 admitted he was Iron Man the media and public welcomed him but then he wasn't hiding it for years and the armor was his way to redeem himself and save lives.

    Oliver only has the trope of wanting to keep his loved ones save by wearing the mask and keeping his ID'd that work out for him again? \:\)

For a variety of reasons I think the time really has come to end the secret.

1. Yes he's a father now. But his enemies always know his identity. Ra's, Damien, Slade, Prometheus, Malcolm. Has this show ever had a big bad where the bad guy didn't learn his identity? So what good is it?

Maybe the truth being out there will make security easier not harder. Protecting his secret no longer has to be a priority and he can concentrate on protecting Thea and William.

2. He's the mayor. It's just unethical being a vigilante behind the voters back. There are plenty of times where he's just outright deceived the public.

3. They've already outed Oliver as the vigilante before, taken it back and pinned it on Roy. I don't think people are going to fall for it twice. And too many people know already: Felicity, Diggle, Lyla, Quentin, Mad Dog, Dinah, Curtis, that Ragman guy, Team Flash, the Legends (oh god does Mick Rory know?), every big bad, Helena I think, William, Thea, Roy, Nyssa, evil Laurel...on and on it goes.

Oliver's got to step into the light and come clean IMO.

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