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Cayden james anticipates and kills Argus soldiers that try to sneak in

Vigilante is still slipping info when he can, Dinah trusts him. Cayden knows he has a leak but apparently not who.

Spartan and GA intercept Vigilante to get to James and they almost fight when Wild Dog and terrific show up and tell them what is going on.

Vigilante tells them the status of the thermobaric bomb and why he can't just lead the heroes to james' lair.

Felicity needs Vigilante to install a sniffer program into Cayden's network but it is a longshot and dangerous.

Thea tries to scrounge more money to keep paying James, the city is going broke fast.

GA has words with Vigilante

Vigilante gets into the server room at James base. Cayden catches him and calls him out for being there.

Felicity helps him with tech talk to stall james to get the data. It appears to work...

Vigilante gets outside after decking one of james' goons and transmits the data and makes his escape, however he is intercepted and tasered and interrogated

Black Siren has been stalking Lance. he confronts her in the hope that she can be brought into the light side as it were. Lance shows her videos and photos of his Laurel in the hope of convincing her she is a hero. The effort fails of course. Lance is WAY TOO HUNG UP ON THIS, his Laurel is dead and this is NOT HER.

The data seems to indicate the bomb location and Oliver states they must all team up. Vigilante activates his comm unit and they can hear him being tortured.

Oliver states the bomb is the first priority and Dinah disagrees. Oliver tries to stop her and she calls him a hypocrite and storms past him.
Curtis and Wild Dog go with her.

They raid the place and Vigilante breaks free as Spartan and GA go for the bomb.

However it seems they were expected. Oliver finds hostages tied to bombs, and is of course given the choice: find the big bomb or save the hostages. GA goes for the bomb, Spartan stays to aid the hostages.

Dinah finds Vigilante and he tells her he didn't activate his comm unit.

GA tries to get to the bomb but there are several transport trucks and goons intercept him.

Vigilante and Dinah are intecepted by Black Siren and james.

Black Siren seems to hesitate for a moment then walks up to Vigilante and blasts a sonic scream into his ear, killing him. Dinah of course vows vengeance.

Data on the server shows the death of Cayden's son, and it is clearly faked.....turns out by the same tech that doctored the photo of Oliver as GA. So they realize there is another traitor in James' group.

Thea tells Lance what Black Siren did to Vigilante.

Oliver visits Dinah. She is not happy with him at all. She vows to kill all of James' group, starting with Black Siren.

1. There is a slim chance that Vigilante will come back. Yes we see him hemorrhage and slump as if dead and Dinah was not able to wake him. But he did take a bullet to the back of the head and live as he was blasted with the dark matter that empowered him. It is possible that the cerebral damage he received will take some time to regenerate.

2. Black Siren might be turning to the light side, she did hesitate for a moment before killing Vigilante and she may have actually stopped before using too much force on him to kill him for good.

3. We have an impending grudge match of Dinah vs evil Laurel.

4. GA and crew are now closer to getting to the truth. Someone has tricked Cayden, but who? Someone in his group or someone we have not yet seen like Nyssa? Hmph, maybe even Malcolm Merlyn.....nah. The actor has said he is done unless some serious cash was exchanged.

5. Lance.....I really think he is way too hung up on this whole thing with Black Siren. Maybe she will reform, but it seems more likely his faith and hope will be rewarded with heartache more then ever.

Slight improvement in this episode.

Anatoly was just starting to torture Vigilante but then he ran over to the factory. Thought that was weird.

Yeah, I havent understood where the evil Laurel and Lance thing was going all year. There just doesnt seem to be anything there and now Thea is just enabling Lance.


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