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    What is trhe big bad that the new gods are now facing down?

Unless I missed something it was never quite fully explained, but these colossal beings were apparently a long buried failsafe created by the long gone Yuga Khan (father to Highfather and Darkseid) and activated somehow to destroy Highfather and Darkseid as they were his direct next of kin. It seems like it might also be tied to the big event series Scott Snyder is writing called 'Metal', but how that would draw in the New Gods, and those giants hunting Highfather.... \(fear\)

    Thought only Darkseid has Omegas, but he is now a baby, right?

Yes. The Omega Force his signature of course, but for whatever reason we see these employed to track Highfather. Of course Grail also has Omega beams as well being Darkseid's child... but it all seems a stretch too far.

    Thought that GL did not fly straight line Ftl like Superman, but more like bending space, like their rings doing warp drive in ST function?

It's both. The rings top speed is a mystery, but to travel from galaxy to galaxy or cross the Universe the Lanterns enter hyperspace or something similar. Cosmic distances in the vastness of space do tend to require hyperspace shortcuts in Comics generally, even the Pre-1986 Superman and The Silver Surfer tended to use it. Writers by the 1970s became more aware and respectful of the speed of light and how it related to crossing vast distances in space; leading to some rethinking in regards to what they were writing. In other words they signalled some limitations in their spaceworthy cosmic characters.

    And wasn't there a story with DD and Superman when they seperated DD into 4 different transportation tubes on the Moon to stop him, and Superman said was able to fly to surface of Moon in 4 seconds, a rate of speed that onl Lightray among those there could hope to match?

Something like that. There were several examples of Superman breaking lightspeed as the 1990s wore on, but these were out in space where he could push himself to his limits without any fears. And after all even if he could hit ten times the speed of light that means little in terms of the distances and speed one would need to get to the next galaxy over... or at least it did then.
Pre-1985 he had the ability to detect rifts in space that would allow quicker transit between galaxies, just as Green Lantern could do similar.

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