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Subj: Re: Can Anyone Clear This Up For Me: The Leader And His History, Or Rather His History AFTER Hulk #400.
Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 at 10:14:27 pm EDT (Viewed 184 times)
Reply Subj: Can Anyone Clear This Up For Me: The Leader And His History, Or Rather His History AFTER Hulk #400.
Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 at 06:36:04 pm EDT (Viewed 177 times)

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In the (Classic?) Hulk #400, the Leader seemingly got killed off for good. Obviously he got better, but I'm confused as to how. The next time that he appeared was during the end of the Paul Jenkins run. He appeared as- Something. It was a little bit confusing, but he was in the afterlife (I think.), and he came to help out the Hulk (And I think that he saved his life.). If I recall correctly, he appeared to have died again at the end of that storyline. HOWEVER, he also appeared as a big villain during the Bruce Jones run (Shudder! It did have it's moments, though.), and I don't recall the Jenkins storyline being referenced. He was back to being his old self again, and in his own body. So, here's the confusion: How did that happen? Here's another thing:

If I remember correctly, during the PAD run, there was a character called Omnibus , and I think that he was SUPPOSED to be the Leader. If this was the case, did the Jenkins storyline just ignore this? I think that the Bruce Jones run got retconned out, so maybe the Leader's appearance there didn't really "count." for that one. But I'm not sure about that whole Omnibus thing. I remember reading one of those issues, but I haven't read the whole story. If he was the Leader, did we get an explanation as to how he survived? This is all kind of confusing to me. I've also lost track of how many times The Leader has died, but he appears to have died a few times. I guess that he just keeps on coming back.

Thanks for the help.

Here's my take on the Leader, post-400:

-Omnibus was just crazy and not truly possessed by the Leader.

-Neither the Leader's appearance during Jenkins' run nor his appearance during Jones' run actually happened. Outside of one background image in the Warbound mini-series, I don't think the Leader's form in either of those runs was ever mentioned again. As such, it's really easy to write off those appearances as Nightmare hallucinations.

-Despite that, the Leader did bring himself back somehow in Dan Slott's She-Hulk series. How it was done was never explained. As lazy as I find that to be, that's how he came back.

-Whatever brought the Leader back didn't do a great job, since he started dying again by the Warbound miniseries (post-World War Hulk). Somewhere between that series and his next appearance, he found a way to stabilize his condition.

-Maybe the revolving door of death had something to do with the Intelligencia. It was revealed during World War Hulks that a group of supervillains had been saving each other off-screen, and the Leader was part of that group.

-The Red Hulk magically took the Leader's powers away. Following this, the Punisher killed the Leader. The Red Hulk then brought him back to life because reasons, and he became a red-skinned supergenius for a while.

-During his adventures as part of the Red Hulk's Thunderbolts, the Leader outwitted Mephisto on a contract. By the end of the series, though, Mephisto renegotiated and forced the Leader to suffer in Hell for a while.

-During the Doc Green days, a red-skinned Leader was apparently free from Hell (maybe he re-re-negotiated?) and lost his powers to the Hulk. However, the Hulk's rogue AI then gave the Leader back his original powers, so we now have the original, green-skinned Leader again.

-Of course, none of that matters, because Marvel Crisis-ed up their universe, so continuity isn't really a thing anymore. (See also: Doc Samson coming back to life for no reason, or Bruce Banner experimenting on himself with gamma radiation in Civil War 2 despite explicitly not doing that in a comic released the exact same month.)

Essentially, the Leader's history is really hard to follow because nobody has even made an attempt to actually explain what's going on. Instead, his status changes whenever a writer feels the need. Since mainstream comics now veer from one crossover event to the next while resembling a series of connected serial stories less and less, that's probably not going to change.

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