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Subj: Re: If you were a writer...
Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 at 10:52:54 pm EDT (Viewed 186 times)
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    How would you make the Abomination the Hulks greatest physical villain?

    I remember someone bringing up the idea of his strength amping up when he's scared or anxious. Like a fight or flight thing.


    Any cool thoughts or ideas?

Idea 1-Higher strength level. Abomination was originally 2x Hulk's base (100 tons). Cosmic Spidey was basically a 5x Hulk in strength so a 5x Abomination should be a formidable force.

Idea 2-Multiples of himself. Abomination could quickly grow clones of himself. Thinking of scene with creature from Hellboy flick. Where could come at Hulk in waves.

Idea 3-Bigger/Stronger version a la Chaos War Abomination was a beast for even Gravage Hulk.

Idea 4-A new power. Gamma fire breath that hurts and perhaps weakens Hulk.