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Subj: Re: Please Share Favorite Hulk Moment
Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 at 09:19:10 am EDT (Viewed 203 times)
Reply Subj: Please Share Favorite Hulk Moment
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    For me, it is Planet Hulk when King Hulk allows Caiera to see Banner, and she kisses him still, loving him for all he is.

Strength-TIH 242 when Hulk lifts/destroys a weapon "built to withstand the power of gods."

Emotion A) TIH 344-Hulk accepting Betty's pregnancy atop a mountain.

Emotion B) TIH 105-Hulk crumbling and begging with heartbreak at Caeira'a death with "Bring her back!"

Personality moment A) TIH 377. Seeing the two core Hulks and Bruce merge together.

Personality moment B) TIH 447. When the cover says "Savage Redefined" but the online community labels the "new" Hulk "Gravage" makes his debut/return from the metal cocoon. It was a welcome change for me after nearly 75+ issues of the Merged Hulk's reign.

Fights Heroes- A) TIH 300 B) 340 vs Wolverine C) TIH 250 (Silver Surfer) and 255 (Thor) D) WWH 1-5

Fights Villains- A) TIH 25 and 54 Abomination. B) TIH 345 Rock, Redeemer and The Leader. C) FI Maestro D) TIH 216 Bi-Beast