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For me, it is Planet Hulk when King Hulk allows Caiera to see Banner, and she kisses him still, loving him for all he is.

There's plenty, but one that sticks out to me, and summarizes Hulk/Banner and his role in the Marvel Universe..

Secret Wars #4

He single-handedly saves everyone, beats unfathomable odds, and still gets berated/insulted/looked down upon. They treat him like a tool/weapon that's only good to be aimed by others. In fact the whole SW ordeal sums up a lot of his role with Marvel. He tries to lead, tries to follow, ultimately loses control and no one notices or cares. Essentially pushing him away and further into his anger. IE: Wasp's dismissive "Hulk dented Ultron a little, I did the real work" (paraphrasing)

Runner ups:
Hulk using all of Banner's money to pay for beans for the Defenders.

Hulk vs Galaxy Master/Klaatu

Hulk vs N'garai Demons/Puffball collective

World War Hulk