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Subj: Re: Please Share Favorite Hulk Moment
Posted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 at 12:30:22 pm EDT (Viewed 158 times)
Reply Subj: Please Share Favorite Hulk Moment
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    For me, it is Planet Hulk when King Hulk allows Caiera to see Banner, and she kisses him still, loving him for all he is.

Other than when Hulk first goes World Breaker in World War Hulk, most of my favorite moments have been when Hulk has shown abilities other than pure strength.

Grabbing pure energy as the narration mentioned it was something impossible.

Redirecting Galaxy Masters energy blasts through his body back at him.

Killing Trauma a second time by willingly entering a machine that was supposed to ressurect him and "should" have killed Hulk at the same time laughing at Armageddon while doing it.

The story where Hulk "sees" into a world that may or may not have existed in the 616 Universe.

When Hulk had his head cut off and still functioned in that Al Ewing story. (Hulk is a Monster)

When Vector flayed him and Hulk back handed him.

Getting riddled with adamantium bullets through his entire body and still fighting.

A few other moments too. Bruce Banner's Hulk has never truly been explored. There is so much to offer.....(sigh) \:\-\(

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