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Am I missing something? Seeing a bunch of positive reviews, but I don't get it. This did nothing to lead me to believe we are getting our classic characters back. Felt like a complete bait and switch from Marvel, still trying to shove their replacements down our throats. A whole issue of lady Thor, lady Iron Man, and Falc Cap. God forbid they grow characters organically, over time, instead of copycats.

Cho had so much potential as he was. Now he's weighed down with a legacy not his.

So Wolverine is back. Who cares? We already had Old Man Logan, so it never felt like he left.

All the articles I've been reading point to Cho sticking around as Hulk. Very disappointing if true. What will it take for Marvel to get their shit together? Give PAD back the series and watch your numbers soar. Fixed.

The classics are coming back. Steve already has his shield back, Jane is dying, Logan is back,...

The only one I'm worried about is Banner. We don't see him at all in this issue.
There is a message from Sakaar saying that they need the Green Scar and that it's time for him to come home.
There's only one Green Scar and it's not Cho. But from what I hear and read It's Cho in this new Planet Hulk story. And the Panther already shot him into space.
Maybe some last minute changes? Any ideas?
It probably will be Cho that ends up on Sakaar since he's Pak's baby.
Well if it must be so, I hope he becomes very happy there and that he stays there.

But still no sign of Banner...