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Subj: Re: Damn! That's the sad truth.
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    So tired of bitching, but here it goes. If Hulk was making money, they never would have replaced him with Cho.

    Instead of realizing it's bad writing, Aaron, Waid, and terrible characterization of Hulk himself (mute), it must be the character isn't working anymore. Hence Cho.

    And Hulk is a character that needs a star artist. Every time. He is the character that draws kids' eyes with powerful images. You can get away with average writing on Hulk if you have great art.

    My 2 cents.

I've been known to do a lot of bitching around these boards myself. I definitely believe in voicing ones opinion.

Marvel's problem with the "real" Hulk; Bruce Banner; is that they never stuck with a solid foundation and mythos. They allowed any writer to come up with just about anything new without regard to history. The book was all over the place and the mythos of the Hulk is now too convoluted to fix. But above all the thoughtless moves Marvel Comics has made with Hulk, the worst is that they keep trying to force a non vocal Hulk on us that can't verbally express himself and is more akin to his television version than one of the versions that are fan favorites like the Child-like, Gray or Gravage Hulk. They usually do this when he's about to appear in a film.

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Gamma Ra the Assassin quotes Stan Lee - "The way I established the Hulk, the more he fought, the stronger he got...I assume at some point he'll get worn out, but NEVER the Hulk." Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine Oct 2006 issue - Proceeding Message from the CHURCH OF HULK!!!