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Subj: Re: MCU - questions about Tony Stark (including a huge spoiler of Spider-Man Homecoming]
Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 at 04:37:31 pm EDT (Viewed 212 times)
Reply Subj: MCU - questions about Tony Stark (including a huge spoiler of Spider-Man Homecoming]
Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2017 at 11:29:49 am EDT (Viewed 168 times)

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In Spider-Man Homecoming, we learn that Tony & Pepper get officially engaged.

It is far from certain that we'll see an Iron Man 4 movie with RDJr.

Do you think that Marvel Studios is trying to give some kind of closure to the storyline of Iron Man through his cameos in different Marvel movies ?

Does it mean that the two future Avengers movies might provide some kind of conclusion to Tony Stark's career as Iron Man ?

It doesn't necessarily mean that he will die but, maybe, he will retire ...

I wonder if, in a future Marvel movie, the Ten Rings will appear again as an antagonist or not ...

To be honest I am rooting for him to go out like a hero in Infinity War. Sacrificing himself.

THANOS: "How... heroic. You do not expect to stop me, of course."
IRON MAN: "No... just buying some time."
THANOS: "A fool's errand. With the Gems united... I am the master of time as well as space. I have all the time I need."
IRON MAN: "Ah, the gems. About that. My father studied one of them for decades. Tried to replicate its power."
THANOS: "Understandable. He failed, of course."
IRON MAN: "Of course. He left the job to me."
[the ARMOR changes shape. Panels shift and turn. It bulks out. The red parts turn black. Finally, the chest piece becomes a square.]
IRON MAN: "Here goes nothing."
[IRON MAN lets loose with an almighty blast, dousing THANOS with blinding, blistering force. The hall is devastated - massive furniture blown about like leaves. But when the smoke clears, THANOS hasn't even moved. He is smiling.]
THANOS: "Victory no longer exists as a concept in this universe... except for me."
[THANOS raises his gauntlet, intending to annihilate IRON MAN. But to his horror and fury, nothing happens. The gems'luster has dulled and they seem dead.]
IRON MAN: "Replicating their power would have been great. I had to settle for this."
[THANOS runs at IRON MAN with a furious bellow and lays into him with all his might. The battle that follows is terrible; IRON MAN is wearing his most perfect and powerful armor ever... but even now, he is not truly a match for THANOS, even without the gauntlet. The armor is gradually smashed, even as THANOS suffers several injuries - none of which incapacitate him. Finally, THANOS has his hands around IRON MAN'S armored throat and starts to crush his neck.]
[View of TONY's face inside armor]: "Well, this... this is just..."
[Suddenly serious]: "This is it. ...Pepper - "
[Arc Reactor starts to build to critical with a menacing howl].
[Black-and-white flashback to YINSEN: "Don't waste it - don't waste your life."
IRON MAN: "...Paid in full."
There is a terrifying, immense blast, maybe enough to devastate a planet - white, then in all colors of the spectrum, like a blazing star. Seconds later, it becomes visible on Earth, where THOR looks up at the sky and, for a moment, wanly smiles.
CAPTAIN AMERICA, his injuries being tended, looks up and asks: "Was that - "
THOR: "Yes."

In the post credits scene, however... we see THANOS' motionless body floating in space, his armor fainly blasted from him, severely injured. But then, the faintest glow appears in the gems, and his eyes open...

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