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Subj: Re: Apex villain of the MCU ... my imagination gone wild ...
Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 at 06:38:25 am EDT (Viewed 197 times)
Reply Subj: Apex villain of the MCU ... my imagination gone wild ...
Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 at 05:22:39 am EDT (Viewed 204 times)

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I posted it on the FF board but it is also an Iron Man topic :


    It is a coincidence but, just yesterday, I was thinking that:
    (1) since Doom, Magneto & Kang cannot appear in the MCU,
    (2) since Hugo Weaving doesn't want to portray again the Red Skull,
    (3) and since Tony Stark is the pivotal character of the MCU,
    ... why wouldn't the Mandarin be reinvented as the Apex villain on Earth in the MCU ?

    Of course, the Ten Rings leader couldn't be a "Chinese Mandarin" but, otherwise, the character isn't far from the other archvillains.

    Just like Doom & Kang, he is both a warlord and a scientist.

    It would be quite easy to imagine for him a tragic past (like Doom & Magneto).

    His rings could come from a crashed time-ship (like the one of Kang) instead of a Makluan starship.

    Evenmore, the time-ship could have belonged to a former time traveller stranded in our past (which would explain why some people believe that a "legendary Mandarin" had inspired generations of men since the Middle Ages, perhaps even further back in time).

    Instead of Ancient Egypt (like the Pharaoh Rama-Tut/Kang), the "legendary Mandarin" would have travelled back in time to Ancient China.

    In our time, the Ten Rings leader would have found his rings in the crashed time-ship and would have gathered the current Ten Rings group. He might also be a high-level "mandarin" with diplomatic immunity (like Doom) and security clearance (like Dell Rusk/Red Skull).


    So far, we haven't seen yet the "true" Ten Rings leader ...

    Still, it is very unlikely that we'll ever see him on screen since no Iron Man 4 movie is planned ...

I've seen enough stories where The Mandarin is trying to conquer the world or plunge it into war and chaos that I've actually been craving some small, personal, disturbing Mandarin stories.

To that end, in my roleplay-site stories Mandarin does stuff like steal a ghostbusters gizmo Stark built for the Nightstalkers, modifying it to torture souls, stealing Howard Stark's bones, and torturing Howard Stark's soul with Tony's modified tech.

I prefer writing scenes like this to stuff intended to make Mandarin an "Apex Villain"

The Mandarin stood before the grave of Howard Stark. The grave had a statue of Howard Stark, Maria Stark, and a boy of about ten who must be Tony Stark. Howard and Maria were to the right and left of Tony, each holding one of Tony's hands.

The Mandarin found the sight utterly saccharine and sickening. He pointed his fist at the statue and one of his rings started to glow...but then he paused, "no, too impersonal," he muttered under his breath. The ring's glow faded.

He took a deep breath and channeled his chi, feeling his flesh harden until he was like unto a man of iron. Then he shattered the arms of the statues with karate-chops and hurled the statue of Tony across the graveyard. Two more karate-chops shattered the legs of Howard and Maria Stark's statues, which fell over, Maria landing face-in-the-mud and Howard landing on his back.

He gestured at the ground over the grave and his Atomic-Transformer ring caused the soil to animate and shove Howard Stark's grave to the surface. A wave of his hand caused the lid to open and there was Howard Stark's corpse, shriveled and dry, little more than a mummy in a business suit.

The dead were normally beyond his ability to torture, something that had always saddened Mandarin. But thanks to Tony Stark, Mandarin now had a solution to that problem. He'd stolen a device Stark had invented for the Nightstalkers; a ghostbusters type weapon designed to contain spirits. The Mandarin had improved the device, modifying it to cause infinite agony to spirits.

The Mandarin took a deep, refreshing breath and smiled.

Here's a much later post on the same site, where Stark interrogates a captured Mandarin:

Temmy saw the punch coming, and attempted to harden his flesh with chi. But the damnable Wakandan enchantments on his chains blocked him. The punch landed solidly on his mouth, bloodying his lip and giving him double-vision. Suddenly there were two, sometimes three of everyone in the room.

Despite the pain, Temmy was overjoyed. He always enjoyed making Tony lose his precious civility and control. He'd violated Tony's body by using his DNA to create a child. He'd violated his spirit by torturing the soul of his father, Howard Stark. And now he'd violated Tony's mind with a few words. It was delicious.

He licked the blood off his upper lip as he thought up the perfect retort to continue violating Tony's mind and self-control, "your father and I had such wonderful conversations in my torture chamber. He told me all about how he always thought you were weak, always playing with dolls instead of training to be a real man. He told me how he tried to toughen you up for years and years, but you just never had the testosterone needed to learn his lessons. He was always so disappointed in you. Your father never loved you, Tony, never."

Then the electric jolt hit him and the world went dark for several seconds.

In case it wasn't obvious, "Temmy" is Mandarin, who is named Temur Sartak on that site. That's the sort of thing I want to see Mandarin do. I want him to hurt Stark. Really hurt him.

Now that's not to say he doesn't do anything big at all. He's using Stark's tech to suck the souls out of captured Falun Gong practicioners, and using the Chi of those souls to power batteries, selling them as competiting source of clean-energy. But that stuff is just minor background noise, the meat of the story is about hurting Stark in a personal, disturbing way.

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