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Subj: Indeed, in a way, that's what they did with Ego & Star-Lord [OT = informations about GotG V2 but also comments about Iron Man & Marvel archvillains]...
Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 at 03:09:07 am CDT (Viewed 143 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Apex villain of the MCU ... my imagination gone wild ...
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    I posted it on the FF board but it is also an Iron Man topic :




      It is a coincidence but, just yesterday, I was thinking that:
      (1) since Doom, Magneto & Kang cannot appear in the MCU,
      (2) since Hugo Weaving doesn't want to portray again the Red Skull,
      (3) and since Tony Stark is the pivotal character of the MCU,
      ... why wouldn't the Mandarin be reinvented as the Apex villain on Earth in the MCU ?

      Of course, the Ten Rings leader couldn't be a "Chinese Mandarin" but, otherwise, the character isn't far from the other archvillains.

      Just like Doom & Kang, he is both a warlord and a scientist.

      It would be quite easy to imagine for him a tragic past (like Doom & Magneto).

      His rings could come from a crashed time-ship (like the one of Kang) instead of a Makluan starship.

      Evenmore, the time-ship could have belonged to a former time traveller stranded in our past (which would explain why some people believe that a "legendary Mandarin" had inspired generations of men since the Middle Ages, perhaps even further back in time).

      Instead of Ancient Egypt (like the Pharaoh Rama-Tut/Kang), the "legendary Mandarin" would have travelled back in time to Ancient China.

      In our time, the Ten Rings leader would have found his rings in the crashed time-ship and would have gathered the current Ten Rings group. He might also be a high-level "mandarin" with diplomatic immunity (like Doom) and security clearance (like Dell Rusk/Red Skull).


      So far, we haven't seen yet the "true" Ten Rings leader ...

      Still, it is very unlikely that we'll ever see him on screen since no Iron Man 4 movie is planned ...

I believe that Marvel studios should simply do what Hanna Barbera did in the Fantastic Four cartoon when they couldn't use Namor and simply created an original counterpart for him called Triton.

Or search in the Marvel Universe itself, for existing counterparts.
For example, Kang the time-traveling megalomaniac conqueror could be replaced by Akhenaten or Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man. They can't use Galactus, so how about using Xorr the God-Jewel or the Galaxy Master instead?

Instead of Galactus vs Silver Surfer, we had Ego vs Star-Lord.

Of course, the characters are still very different ... but there is the same kind of conflict between Star-Lord & Ego than when Silver Surfer rebelled against Galactus.

To be precise, Star-Lord is an "anti-Silver Surfer" (in terms of behaviour) and Ego was created by Lee & Kirby to be the "anti-Galactus".

The relationship between Star-Lord & Ego is similar to the relationship between Silver Surfer & Galactus, except that it is done with "reverse characters".

In a way, the main conflict of GotG V2 is a pastiche of FF #50.

Also, the GotG have replaced the FF as MCU's "cosmic family" ... and, in a way, the MCU version are anti-FF.
(contrary to the Earth-616 version where GotG are only a team)

Now, let's speak again about Iron Man & Mandarin, since we are on the Iron Man board. \:\-\)

IMO, Iron Man has replaced the FF as the pivotal characters of the MCU on Earth and the GotG have replaced the FF as the pivotal cosmic characters of the MCU in space.

It is exemplary in Spider-Man Homecoming : instead of Spidey meeting the FF in ASM#1, Spidey & Torch's multiple team-ups, Peter seing Reed as his role model, etc, Spider-Man is referring to Tony Stark (in a way, the anti-Reed Richards in terms of behaviour) as his model.

Thus, after watching the movie, I suddenly realised that there was something missing in the MCU, compared to Earth-616 ... archvillains like Doom, Magneto, Kang or Mandarin.

On Earth-616, Stan Lee has used multiple times the same mold to create the main archvillains. He started with Doctor Doom and, then, he created Magneto, Mandarin, (Heinrich) Zemo, Kang ... as warlords with scientific skills.

Of course, each archfoe was adapted to his antagonist (Mister Fantastic, Professor X, Iron Man, Avengers ...) but there is a common mold that was used to create these antagonists.

That's why I thought that, if Iron Man is the 'de facto' central superhero of the MCU, then Mandarin should replace Doom, Magneto, Red Skull and Kang as the central supervillain of the MCU.

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