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Subj: Generations has been utterly lacklustre so far.
Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 at 05:23:51 pm EDT (Viewed 263 times)
Reply Subj: This is much worse than I expected! [SPOILERS 1 week EARLY]
Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 at 04:25:03 pm EDT (Viewed 285 times)

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I thought it would be another opportunity that Bendis would take to show how much Riri is wonderful and essential to the universe. That seemed obvious to me. But I believed that Bendis would make her meet with Tony during the Denny O'Neil run, where he reached the low point of his life. There somehow, Riri would be instrumental in getting him to stop drinking or something like that. But this... thing that this book is really about is ... I'm speechless.

When this was first announced in February, Alonso said:
"we have an ingenious device [to bring them back]."

Q: "Is this self-contained? Is this an alternate timeline?"

A: "In one word: No."

"These stories do happen, they really count. They really matter. This isn't some alternate reality story or some time-travel story," Alonso explained.

So... NOT some time-travel story? However, that is literally what they are, and they are pretty awful ones at that. Each and every one so far failed to impress, with only the Hulk story having anything like repercussions, and even that was mishandled.

I started to suspect the Iron Man issue would stand out vis-รก-vis suckitude even among these sub-grade fish wrappers when there were no solicits for it.

Marvel is dying. And we're here to watch it die.

Could be in five or six years time we'll see Marvel sunk, bought out by the competition and now DC has a special imprint: 'Earth 8 comics' with five monthly titles - 'Avengers', 'Spider-Man', 'Fantastic Four', 'X-Men' and 'Marvel Super-Heroes'. Each will be oversized and contain two stories, though - the main story and a backup feature. Each year, there will be a super-sized Annual, too.