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Subj: It's very frustrating
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Reply Subj: Generations: Iron Man And Ironheart #1 [SPOILERS 1 week EARLY]
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    (W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Marco Rudy (CA) Skan
    • Riri Williams is given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet Tony Stark…Sorcerer Supreme!
    • Join Ironheart as she discovers things about the Iron Man legacy that will change her forever.
    • IRON MAN writer and Riri co-creator Bendis teams up with the award-winning multimedia artist Marco Rudy to give you a beautiful, unique look at the first step into a new era of Iron Man!
    Rated T+
    In Shops: Sep 06, 2017
    SRP: $4.99

Spoilers 1 week early!...
CLICK HERE TO SPOIL THINGS (and, right or wrong, a negative review):
Will this make you want to get buy/read it more or less?

"> stl056921-600x922.jpg

Riri could have been such a cool character, kind of a blend of Buffy and Doctor Who. All they needed to do was keep her grief over dead loved ones as a living part of her character, and have her protect people she cares about from serious danger. That's it. That's all. Really simple, basic stuff.

Instead her book has the same problem that Iron Man has often had: it's the dry story of someone with impersonal, unrelatable goals. Stark's story has often been a dark kind of dry, and Riri's is a light and fluffy sort of dry, but it's still just utter dryness. Why is it so hard to fix this utter dryness?