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Subj: Re: Preview Pages, Lionheart, and Jack LaLanne...
Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 at 07:32:04 pm EDT (Viewed 257 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Infamous Iron Man #11
Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 at 05:46:32 pm EDT (Viewed 236 times)


    Yes, it was 'Lionheart'.

Heh, Lionheart has a nice rhyming ring to Ironheart now that MysteryMan mentions it. \:\) (Kelsey... Riri... does too!)

Maybe someone can scan her handbook page - couldn't Google it up quick.
Kelsey leigh

Hmm... wonder where Ironheart, or Rescue for that matter, would place compared to this person's ranking of pioneer female legacy-usurper Lionheart...

    And does Ben even know that Reed is recreating the Multiverse? IS Reed still doing that? Ben never met the Maker, who doesn't even resemble Reed that much.

The question is: When did Ben join the Jack LaLanne fitness program to gain that body shape? ;\)

Another question is (unanswered still): How much of Vic's bad memories is about general shared history or specifically Secret Wars. And if it is SW then Strange is way to casual about his team-up with the God Doom evil...
And Strange's axe is offputting enough - now he's given a goto magic sword?! *sigh* The one good part was finally revisiting Project Pegasus as their meeting place. Too bad they don't use Guardsman armored security.

    And let's face it: Mephisto was trying to pass off some copy or imitation to Doom as his mother; it would make no less sense to try to fool Ben into thinking the real Reed Richards had returned, which is bound to happen anyway.

    So I think Bendis was really using the Maker when he could.

    Of course I hate what Bendis has done to the relationship between Cynthia and Victor. So she was actually a bad witch who didn't unquestionably love her son after all? Well, I am sure glad we finally got that cleared up!

Here's the preview links to this week's Infamous Iron Man #11 for easy IMMB access...

> Doom finally confronts his mother about the impossible truth of her resurrection – and the Maker unveils his plans to destroy Victor Von Doom inside and out!

Pages 1-4...


Next ish...

WTH?! Is this cover just a clever? lazy? cheap? reverse image of Avengers #7?! Sheesh.

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