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Subj: Re: Power Man #17: Written by the late LEN WEIN!
Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2017 at 01:07:43 pm EDT (Viewed 133 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Power Man #17: Written by the late LEN WEIN!
Posted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 at 02:55:59 pm EDT (Viewed 166 times)

    I've got this one too - the one thing I really enjoyed was a nice realistic example of the problem that tends to be quickly overlooked in most battles with a quick "holding back my strength" comment when the hero doesn't wish to kill an adversary whose strength level is unknown.


    Iron Man has no idea how powerful Cage is - he keeps underestimating his strength until Cage smashes his chest armor, and then he goes full out. Too many times, I've wondered, how much did hero X actually gauge he/she should hold back on until the power level of their adversary was known? How did Thor or Iron Man or whomever guess correctly that holding back percentage X of their strength wouldn't maim or outright kill their opponent? How many times would they have realistically held back a certain percentage and STILL end up severely injuring their opponent or kill them by mistake?

    With IM's tech, you could probably argue as it progressed he was able to specifically check himself in a battle based on prior results, but even then for a Thing or a Thor there would be a good chance of an "oops" occurring somewhere based on rage, surprise, etc.

    In this story, it made perfect sense that IM, seeing Cage as apparently a normal human, would keep holding back until the damage done was proof of how powerful he really was - and shows the risk/harm IM had to take before being sure. And that final battle page splash was awesome Tuska!!

This is true. Comic battles today are handled in a way different manner. Its almost like the heroes today are not surprised by anything. There is rarely an account of the their opponents abilities..