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Subj: Did we read different books?
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Reply Subj: Invincible Iron Man #11
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Mary Jane tells of her first meeting with Tony Stark, an anecdote which simultaneously manages to convey absolutely nothing of value or interest and irritate anyway, consuming most of this pointless issue.

Then Riri returns to be praised for her irresponsible act which magically turned out perfectly, and Friday shares her 'secret files' with Amanda, Riri and Mary-Jane which show what a nice guy Tony really is before stating, alarmedly, that he (presumably his coma coffin) has disappeared. End of issue.

With Fraction there was pretty much always something to get angry about. This is simply... nothing.

I really liked the story of Stark and Watson's first meeting. I thought it was interesting and humanizing.

Also Bendis has once again made me really crave sushi. That looks like salmon sushi and...california rolls, maybe? I could really go for some salmon sushi and california rolls with, like, a bit of wasabi smeared on and a little eel-sauce. Geaux Fish should pay Bendis a percentage. Unfortunately it's 10:30 at night here and the local restaurants are closed. I suppose I could go buy some sushi at Wal-Mart but their sushi is garbage. I'll probably end up cooking some yum woon sen. Yum woon sen is nice and light and I'm in the mood for light.

Anyway I liked this issue even if I am continuously perplexed at the absence of even the modest mainstream TV degree of darkness one sees in Doctor Who and Buffy.