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Subj: Re: Did we read different books?
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Reply Subj: Re: Did we read different books?
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    It's not how they first met, they met just before Civil War in the REAL continuity when she and Peter, who were married, moved in with the know, before Tony played his part in ruining her life with Peter. There's no justifiable reason why she's even working with him, worse, she's now reduced to a cheerleader.

That characterization was itself a continuity violation, so I have no problem with it being violated.

    Also, there was nothing "humanizing" about the meeting, just Tony being a douche and this so-called "MJ" being a bitch, the REAL MJ would never have said Spider-Man ruined her moment 700 times.

Again, I'm wondering if we read the same comic.

I don't take books from a fake universe that follows a fake narrative into consideration. I have to tolerate them obviously because they publish them, but I don't count them.

And regardless of Tony's prior characterization being a continuity violation, you know I'm right and there's no way the REAL MJ would EVER work with Stark.