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Subj: Re: I Don't Think That The Mandarin Has A Problem With Killing, But
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The Mandarin's feud with Iron Man has never gotten personal on that level.

Plus he never took pleasure in wanton cruelty. If you stood in his way, he would chop you in two rather than move an inch from his path, but by the same token, he would not go out of his way to torment someone.

Or, at least, he has never been portrayed this way.

The only character he has ever shown any desire of personal vengeance against is Iron Man. But that was always aimed at Iron Man himself. Involving others, except as collateral damage, never suited him. In fact he would lose interest in enemies the moment he realized they were not truly Iron Man.

Isn't your thing that the Mandarin is basically a giant macho? Torturing people is a sign of weakness.

I worry about you. Your posts have been getting angrier lately.

Him going after or killing a child seems beneath him. I think that would be crossing a line for him. He's not The Red Skull or the Black Manta, here.