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Subj: Re: Re-tooling the Mandarin
Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 at 01:13:54 am EST (Viewed 201 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Re-tooling the Mandarin
Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 at 04:36:59 pm EST (Viewed 199 times)

    I prefer for the rings to be essentially rogues-tools, high-tech versions of gas-bombs and caltrops and throwing sand in the other guys eyes. So I prefer that he keep them, but their power-levels should be kept a low-levels, doing things like creating illusionary Mandarins so the real Mandarin can cheapshot Iron Man with a karate-chop to the back, or a kick in the nuts.

    Or creating a weak little tornado that Iron Man can beat by just rerouting power to the gyroscopes, but not before he's been spun around and made dizzy enough that Mandarin can cheapshot him with a karate-chop in the back, or a kick in the nuts.

    Or creating ice that's just powerful enough that Iron Man can beat it by rerouting power to the heaters, but not before being trapped long enough for Mandarin to karate-chop him in the back, or kick him in the nuts.

    The Mandarin is a schemer, a cheapshot-artist, and a savage, and the rings should compliment those things without rendering them superfluous.

    I prefer for him to wear them in battle because they are visuals signifiers of what kind of person he is, as they are symbols of wealth, as well as evoking both pimp-bling and brass-knuckles.

But they don't signify that he's smart. They don't signify that he's a warrior. And making weapons would demonstrate that he's got a work ethic which would help pull him away from the yellow peril stereotype.

    He should not be using them to create weapons. All the weapons he has should be the result of thievery(especially from Stark), kidnapping and enslaving scientists, and enslaving peasant labor to build them. His weaponry should be rooted in his voracious exploitation, not in a plot-device.

    There are numerous effective examples of him doing this, right from his first appearance redirecting missles, through the kidnapping of Stark to help invent the Dragon of Heaven, through his kidnapping of Maya Hanson.

    To give an example of how I would like this sort of thing expanded: I play Mandarin on a roleplaying site, where one of my schemes was to steal a ghostbusters gizmo Stark made for the Nightstalkers, modify it to torture souls and drain spiritual energy, and use it to torture Howard Stark's soul, and drain spiritual Chi from Falun Gong practitioners(destroying their souls) to charge up chi-batteries and sell them to the world as clean-energy, threatening Stark's place as an inventor of clean-energy-sources.

    Thus, Mandarin steals Stark's invention, perverts it for something cruel, uses it to exploit a persecuted minority, and exploits all of the above to both profit personally, and hurt Stark on multiple levels. In the process, he even displays a fair bit of brilliance at blending science and mysticism, even if he needed Stark's utter creative brilliance as a base to work with.

    I greatly prefer that to Mandarin waving his hand and the rings creating weaponry.

That sounds too much like Green Lantern, who did it first.

(BTW, it would be funny if Deadpool showed up once and said:"You've traded in power rings for swords? Ryan Renyolds would love that!")

I think someone in Iron Man's rouge gallery should be making weapons for the bad guys, and at the moment the best candidate for that is the Mandarin.

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