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Subj: Re: Re-tooling the Mandarin
Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 at 03:44:46 pm CST (Viewed 189 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Re-tooling the Mandarin
Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 at 09:48:58 am CST (Viewed 191 times)

    The thing is, villainy actually HAS worked out for him, in that he's fabulously rich and even owns his own de facto country. It's easy to think of him as a failure since we see Stark foil his biggest schemes, but objectively he's a colossal success who periodically has his hobby ruined.

    So I think the better way to approach him is like Kingpin in "Born Again", and Penguin in "Penguin: Pain and Prejudice".

    In Born Again, Kingpin has basically won. His rule is unquestioned, he's fabulously rich and influential. So as a hobby, he destroys the life of someone who has occasionally annoyed him. He doesn't have some big grand scheme, because he's already won the big stuff. Ruining Daredevil's life is his version of building a ship in a bottle.

    In Penguin, Pain and Prejudice, Penguin has basically won. His rule is unquestioned, he's fabulously rich and influential. He destroys the lives of several people who annoy him simply as a hobby.

    There's your angle: the Mandarin has won. The Mandarin won a long time ago. The Iron Man keeps ruining his side hobby of outright conquering the world instead of ruling it via money, corruption, blackmailing, campaign donations, etc. The Iron Man keeps smashing his ship in a bottle. So now Stark's life is his ship in a bottle.

I won't tolerate any "the villain already won" poppycock without a time jump. You can't have a guy lose for decades and declare he's won all along. Nope not having it.

It's like what X-Files tries and fails to do with the Cigarette Smoking Man. He takes credit for all the bad stuff in modern history but it's more telling than showing...and it's just lazy writing.

If Marvel wants to turn Mandarin into A list villain then DO that by showing stuff as it happens. Don't just say he accomplished all this stuff off panel and that's why he's the best. The lazy villain taking credit for stuff always rankles me. Red Skull did that back around Cap #350 taking responsibility for almost every villain group Cap fought in a couple year period...super annoying. Or like when Red Skull tries to take credit for orchestrating Baron Zemo killing Bucky. Nuh uh that was Heinrich Zemo's kill and he planned it alone.

I think all it takes to catapult Mandy into top tier villainy is having him kill the right people. Pick someone (or a few someones) that Marvel can do without but still have their fans and let Mandarin kill them.

Like let Mandarin slaughter the new Champions. They're useless. He needs something to build up his street cred.

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