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Subj: Re: Re-tooling the Mandarin
Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 at 09:39:46 pm EST (Viewed 144 times)
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      If these weapons had other properties (energy projection for example) he would still be a good match for Iron Man. But more importantly for the purpose of changing the character, the weapons could be used by other fighters. That would make the Mandarin a supplier of weapons for a part of the super-villain world the same way Tony is now a supplier of weapons for other superheroes.

    To me weapon supplier just seems really boring. Green Goblin dumped Peter's girlfriend off a that's some top notch villainy.

Stark was a weapons supplier. In fact AFAIK, he still is to a lot of heroes. (Doesn't Hawkeye get of lot of his trick arrows from Tony?) Do you find him boring.
Anyway, I was thinking of weapons a lot more fancy than just typical A-K47s. I see the Mandarin as old school, (think Bill from Kill Bill) and if I could have my way, he would make what looks like old school weapons. (Swords, shields, knives, etc. ) But the weapons would have properties making them much more. For example, the blades or shield would be intangible if the wrong person was handling it. The user who bought the weapon might find other surprises if the check bounced. Like Tony Stark he would be both a weapon maker and weapon supplier. (And weapon user of course.)

    He needs to actually do something big. A shot across the bow. Something so heinous that heroes and villains alike are like "damn that's cold".

    Basically I'd have him kill Jarvis or some other long standing Marvel supporting character. Someone that isn't a hero but one that almost every hero knows. If it's a hero they will come back but it's a bit harder to resurrect the non powered supporting characters. Perfect fodder for villains.

    I'm sure Mandarin's done the usual villain stuff. He's gathered together super armies. He's tried to take over the world. He's killed someone close to Tony (that no other hero probably gave a damn about). He's been the business man. But to me he has nothing to show for it. Other villains at least have bragging rights...nobody in other books talks about that time Mandarin did something awesome or heinous. His plans are generic.

    Personally I would fix Mandarin by having Mandarin do step 4 of the 12 step program: Make a fearless moral inventory. Why don't things work out for him? Why isn't he more feared in the villain community? What does he get out of being a villain? Why does he really hate Stark?

    You mentioned Gul Dukat (who I loved) and there is an episode in DS9 (Waltz) where he and Sisko crash on a planet shortly after Dukat's daughter is killed and Dukat loses the station and Sisko finally tells Dukat what he really thinks of him. Any illusions of friendship or shared respect Gul Dukat thinks he shares with Ben are ripped away as are any illusions that he was in any way good for the Bajorans during the Occupation. Mandarin needs something like. He needs his illusions shattered utterly and to be real with himself. His track record belies his grandiosity. He needs some sort of trauma or catharsis or epiphany that tells him what he's doing just isn't working and then he needs to come back to super villainy with a new angle.

That was certainly a good episode, but that happened after a lot of build up. (In season six of seven seasons of the series.) It wouldn't be a good idea for something like that to happen to the Mandarin out of the blue.

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