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Subj: Re: CHOOSE: What supervillainess should Tony Stark fight next?
Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 at 11:47:02 am EST (Viewed 218 times)
Reply Subj: CHOOSE: What supervillainess should Tony Stark fight next?
Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 at 08:48:57 am EST (Viewed 230 times)

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PICK ONE from EACH PAIR of supervillainesses that YOU want to see Tony Stark as Iron Man face off* against next?
(You do not have to list reasons but if you suggest a scenario it might advance your choice.)
If there is enough response then there'll be a followup elimination round.
(*Don't hurt women IRL. #metoo)

01 Madame Masque or Madame Menace

02 Mystique or Llyra

03 Morgan Le Fey or Enchantress

04 Marianne Rodgers or White Queen (currently bad)

05 Moonstone or Dr.Minerva

06 Black Mamba or Princess Python

07 Titania or Quicksand

08 Techno Golem or Iron Maiden

09 Justine Hammer or Sasha Hammer

10 Oubliette Midas or Killer Thrill

11 Firebrand (Amanda) or Stratosfire

12 Justin Hammer or Crimson Cowl

13 Kala or Beetle (Leila)

14 Alkhema or Ereshkigal

15 Ion or Abominatrix

16 Nanny or Nekra

17 Satana or Terminatrix

18 Lady Hellbender or Typhoid Mary

19 Viper or Selene

20 Sire Hate or Melissa Morbeck

nb. Black Widow (Yelena) would've been included but she's reportedly dead [after
ToS102]. Ditto Veranke[?]. But ifff they weren't:
Black Widow (Yelena) or Veranke?


01 Madame Menace - Because she is actually Sunset Bain and I want her to come back. She was always fascinating. Who is she really? Is she in fact Ezekiel's mother?

02 Llyra - Wel, she is dead, but she's been declared dead before. Plus she is a real rotten fish.

03 Enchantress, so Tony can seduce her.

04 Marianne Rodgers - Yes, please. Her story needs some closure. Plus I would like to see whether her powers have progressed further... and just what their source is. Is she a mutant, or what?

05 Dr.Minerva - A brilliant scientist, not to mention a female Kree (which has all sorts of complications).

06 Princess Python - they have history. PP is, as supervillains go, outright pathetic, but that makes her interesting.

07 Quicksand - Titania is trying to be nice these days, plus her only power is her immense strength, which is hardly impressive to a man who has fought the Hulk over a dozen times.
But Quicksand, well... I don't know how abrasive her sand form is, but it could be interesting.

08 Techno Golem or Iron Maiden - I honestly couldn't care less if I tried.

09 Justine Hammer - She never really lived up to her father's rep, so maybe it's time.

10 Oubliette Midas - Over Killer Thrill, simply because that name should not be featured in anything ever. Oubliette hasn't been properly used since the original 'Marvel Boy' miniseries, IMHO, so there is a lot to fix there.

11 Stratosfire - She's a tragic antihero. So that's a shoe-in.

12 Justin Hammer - Yes please.

13 Beetle (Leila) - A horrible person. So yes.

14 Alkhema - To turn her into a more fleshed-out (ha ha) character than she has been so far.

15 Abominatrix - to have an excuse to bring Jamie back.

16 Nekra - Have her be enticed by Tony Stark's string of deaths and resurrections and the fact he's an adoptee like her.

17 Satana - Might be interesting to have Tony have a brush with an actual demon from actual Hell.

18 Lady Hellbender - Throw in Fin Fang Foom and you have a match...

19 Selene - Ageless Xternal who has witnessed practically all of history.

20 Melissa Morbeck by default, since Sire Hate is neither female nor a villain, but rather a cosmic being that cannot be described in moral terms. But Morbeck's abuse of technology to control animals would be repulsive to Tony and it would make for an interesting occasion to have him interact with animals - something he is rarely shown to do.
For instance I have no idea whether Tony would be a dog person or a cat person.

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