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Subj: Re: CHOOSE: What supervillainess should Tony Stark fight next?
Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 at 09:27:09 am EST (Viewed 151 times)
Reply Subj: CHOOSE: What supervillainess should Tony Stark fight next?
Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 at 08:48:57 am EST (Viewed 229 times)

Madame Masque - if it was the old version of her sane and kickass


Morgan Le Fey or Enchantress - really? I want BOTH
Ok Enchantress if Stark finds a way to try to bring her onto the Avengers and redeem her (Shes linked to Idunn yes?) Tony is one of the great successful redeemers. She could sense his new found intrest in magic...start out trying to use it against him because he is one of Thors besties (Big 3) and has to deal with Starks own charms since hes a smooooothhh operator (but earnest n this case). Maybe some romance like Hawkeye and Moonstone where the Enchantress hearts starts to row like the Grinches on x-mas and regains her more positive outlook on life.

or Morgan if it is not a redemption arc

    04 Marianne Rodgers or White Queen (currently bad)

Ooo...not fair...I was just wondering about Marianne recently and where she is. Hmmm...WQ is easier to work with...we could find out more about her past with Stark that has been hinted at...but of not Marianne...just to see whats the heck up with her...maybe find out Haooy Hogan has been shaking up with her since Pepper Potts is trash.

    05 Moonstone or Dr.Minerva

Moonstone seems more intresting

    06 Black Mamba or Princess Python

Tony has a thing for red heads and she owes him from long ago. Python in a snake zoo vs. Stark outside his armor.

    07 Titania or Quicksand

Quicksand...where she is having trouble with her molecular cohesion and attacks Stark trying to demand a cure from him.

    08 Techno Golem or Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden as in Ultimates Black Widow...hmmm...sure why not

    09 Justine Hammer or Sasha Hammer

Neither...unless we find out Justine is a female clone of Justin. We need Grand Moff Tarken back!!! \:P

    10 Oubliette Midas or Killer Thrill

Killer Thrill - after him as she hunts down associated of the GotG

    11 Firebrand (Amanda) or Stratosfire


    12 Justin Hammer or Crimson Cowl

Hammerrrrrrrr (he allows for so many other villains to be working for him as hired hitmen)

    13 Kala or Beetle (Leila)

Both are nice...blast from the past Kala
Beetle as up and coming villainess kinda.

I'll say Kala if Beetle and ant-man Lang are still getting it on so we dotn wreck the potential there

    14 Alkhema or Ereshkigal

Ereshkigal - could lead back to why the Celestials have expressed and intrest in Stark

    15 Ion or Abominatrix

Mmm....Ion maybe...looking for way to have a solid form, again

    16 Nanny or Nekra

Nekkra....gotta love some vampires

    17 Satana or Terminatrix

like both...hmmm...Satana for a similar though not as appealing role like for Amora

Terminatrix for a Kang connection...

a tie...pass/both

    18 Lady Hellbender or Typhoid Mary

Lady Hellbender - as she looks up other people who have defeated Foom and takes an intrest

    19 Viper or Selene

Ughh,,,another toughie...I really like both of these choices...

BOTH...or Selene. Would like to see them attempt to seduce Starka nd poison or life drain him and find out the changes he has made to his body block them, and now they have to deal with

Viper if we do a spy story
Selene is we want a mystical Vampirish story

    nb. Black Widow (Yelena) would've been included but she's reportedly dead [after ToS102]. Ditto Veranke[?]. But ifff they weren't:
    Black Widow (Yelena) or Veranke?

Veranke - they have much unfinished buisiness


My write in...Silver Swann...she seemed to truly be intrested in Stark when he was her prisoner...I would like to know why? She knew him well in another incarnation? Had romantic feelings or a hatred etc...what was her draw to him?

Lot of great choices here

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