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Subj: Re: Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #5: Bad. But Suicide Squad Movie: Good.
Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 at 08:38:33 am EST (Viewed 418 times)
Reply Subj: Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #5: Bad. But Suicide Squad Movie: Good.
Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 at 07:52:20 pm EST (Viewed 459 times)

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Justice League Vs Suicide Squad 005

This mini series has been ping ponging between good and bad. This installment leaned to the side of the latter. Bad. Here's scene by scene reactions to compare if you read it...

The Eclipsed Justice League COMPLETELY taking over the USA under the direction of Eclipsed Max in one page, with arguable feats, in under 15 minutes was horrible story pace and unbelievable efficiency - as in not believable in this comicbook world.

No Superman protocols at the White House, eh?

Everyone conveniently surprising last issue's cliffhanger is predictable and acceptable but still annoying trope when a story is not so good.

Batman carries his Kryptonite Ring with him now, eh?

It's hard to believe that it has only been the pain from Kryptonite that takes him out of play all those times. Isn't there oodles of precident that it's dibilitating and/or drainging to him?

Lobo's head grew back -predictable and acceptable- but waaay too fast, IMO. Hmm, how DO you kill a Lobo then? Could I Vampire do that?

Of course, Superman and Lobo take it easy on Bats. *sigh* Not sure who had the lamer reason.

The art is not good compared to last issue. For example: that first panel with Bats running toward Cyborg getting dogpiled was ugly. Overall, the art was just okay at best. What's with the cracked face f/x of Eclipso?

Killer Frost, Boomer, Harls, & Croc vs Cyborg who is NOT FIGHTING BACK and the best they can do is a stalemate??! Bah.

Batman giving up confidence in their prospects with mounting a defense? That moment was just sad if not way wrong. And WHY WHY WHY would he recruit the Squadders 'officially' into the Justice League??! Other than the painful gimmick grabber for the mini series.

No details on Waller's first incarnation of the Suicide Squad was disappointing.

Waller is blessed by the friggin fates for some reason. Once again she stands up to a godlike tyrant remains unscathed and looks like she will talk her way out to survive this fine mess. (Just like in the movie.)

So, the Eclipsed League didn't give the Bat League members before but now the story wants to impress on the readers how things have changed in 20 pages and tease them with a fight one would expect should be the death of the wannabe avengers or more likely readers were denied hearing Boohoo Batman's supersecret behind the scene retaliation strategy.


Help the Cancer Society and the Alzheimer Society.

SIDEBAR: Just watched Suicide Squad Movie on DVD yesterday and it was a lot of fun!!! Good stuff! Harley WAS great and lived up to the hype. Deadshot was the next best character. And Waller was played spot on; when she killed her tech team for deniability reasons that was cold. Is there a sequel in the works? Hope so. Why was Ben Affleck uncreditted?

Original Lobo always had healing like UBER Wolverinem heck , could regrow himself from a drop of blood!

Green K would always cause Supes pain AND depower him..

And guess thbis Batman did not have JLA protocalls in place like older one didi, if JLA went rogue?

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