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    True, but my point is that the rucka look of frank was a really good change for the Punisher. There are not many ways to change frank castle since he does not have a costume such as iron man. Iron Man is always evolving costume wise. Rucka and company was giving frank a dose of something new and it worked. Even the artist for Punisher War Zone mini has keep the look. It just seems marvel and Dillon have taken a step back with his look. I dont agree that the look of a character does not matter. If that was the case with storytelling winning over substance then people wouldnt have beeen so upset over angel punisher or frankencastle.

First things first, when Ironman changes his costume - whilst the style changes for the better or worse - the driving force behind this is always the idea that the next armour is more advanced or more specialised. The only way Frank has ever 'advanced' his costume is the odd occasion he's worn battle armour or things like the Venom suit. Every other change has simply been stylistic rather than practical.

Like I said, Frank has worn this look before - its not 'new' by any stretch of the imagination. It doesnt make the character any better or worse or the story any better or worse, its simply a case of whether you prefer Frank in a jump suit or a flak vest, with a beard or without. He's had stubble, pony tails, shaven head, goatee's and all manner of variations on his look in the past - he's even been a black man for a time - but Ive never heard of fans either walking away or flocking to the title because of these changes.

Dillons choice of costume isnt a 'step back' anymore than Carmine Di Giandomenico's art is an 'advance'. Its just a different costume - it hardly revolutionises the character. And how did the change 'work'? The title still barely sold and still got cancelled and now the Punisher is once more without a book of his own. I liked it personally, but unfortunately not enough others did.

I'm not saying the look of a character doesnt matter - I prefer classic Cap to his current armoured look and Extremis Ironman to the current movie look for example - its just that a characters look is not more important than the quality of the story they appear in.

I do believe that the choice of artist can effect the popularity of a comic, but I dont think that a characters costume choice really has an effect on popularity.

As for the angel story or Frankencastle - they sucked because the story was utter crap. It just so happens that the looks of Castle in those stories were pretty lame too, and I doubt that a different costume or look would have made one iota of difference to how well they were received by fans.

I understand your points, but if you look at the way dillon drew frank in the incredible hulk and then in thunderblolts you will see a difference in the look. Not just the beard or skull but in the age of how frank is . Dillon drew frank younger in hulk and draws him the same way he was in welocome back frank and he closely resemble the max version. Also i wished they would have just taken frank off the board, maybe put him in prison and let rachel cole alves take over as the punisher. She is a very good character created by rucka and it would have given marvel a female vigilante not seen before. I for one wonder is Disney is the reason for the decline of frank not having a series anymore. Or maybe they will set him up for garth ennis to return. Who Knows. I think marvel could have slowly replace there key characters and could have rebooted them in a new universe. They could have cancelled the ultimates and started fresh. Look at planet hulk and they could have replaced him in 616 with red hulk. Cap could have still been replaced by bucky. Spider man could have been replaced by superior spider man and etc. It could have given readers a new start with the old characters and it could have given the 616 a new start. It is clearly in view but never executed by marvel. But in looking back at all of this it was clearly there. But they never saw it. If it didnt work then they could have slowly replaced them back like they have done in the storylines so far. I never thought i would say this but given the way the treat frank i am really starting to enjoy daredevils book and i though i would never like him.

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