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    Yes i know and read about lynn michaels and feel like her story was not very well executed back in the 90's. Rucka female Punisher was really well done and deserving of her own ongoing title. Ennis Punisher was not canceled. He reached the end of what he wanted to say with the Punisher and decided to move on. If a writer like rucka can't keep the Punisher going then what chance do we ever have for another Punisher ongoing. I still feel like marvel messed up killing the max Punisher. They could have keep on giving us the max onshots every now and then. At least we Punisher fans of both the 616 and max Punisher would have at least some form of Punisher fix. I strongly believe that given the body of work that he did for the max Punisher. Garth ennis should have been the one to have ended franks life. It would be the best thing in the world if they took jason aaron max Punisher out of continuity. Who knows. Anything can happen in comics. lol

I actually thought that the Lynne Michaels story was done quite well. She was a cop rather than a soldier, frustrated with the law rather than damaged by the loss of her loved ones as Cole-Alves was. She tried vigilantism and found it difficult to cut herself off from her emotions like Castle did, so she got out of the game why she could. It made sense and wasnt forced beyond its natural limits. I dont think Cole-Alves was in any way deserving of her own title - afterall she was simply a variation on a theme and not superior to the original.

On Garth Ennis, it doesnt really matter whether his titles were axed or whether he walked, the fact remains that they didnt sell very well. At the end of the Ennis run on MAX the title was selling barely 20,000 issues per month - hardly stellar numbers.

Regarding Rucka, you have made the mistake that being a good writer means that you will be a successful writer. Comicdom is full of talented writers who will never sell in the way that a Bendis or Millar will sell, despite the fact that the quality of those writers has often been called into question. Even being a big name writer is no guarentee of success - Bendis run on Moonknight for example was a failiure despite his stature.

Marvel dont care about MAX fans getting their 'fix' - at least not when theres less than 20K MAX fans paying for that fix - it just doesnt make any financial sense to them.

As for the Aaron run, I actually liked it. Fair enough it wasnt anywhere near as good as Ennis stuff, but I think it worked and it brought the character to an organic ending rather than dragging it out longer than it should have gone.

Ennis is notoriously principled - If he decides he's done with something or he's reached the limits of what he can do with the title then he's not the type to be pursuaded otherwise.

Marvel didnt cancel garth ennis PuniserMax cause it wasnt selling the 20,000 mark. Joe Quesada when he got ennis to write frank told him he could write him as long as he wanted. Ennis has gone on record to say he told what he wanted to with frank. If the title was selling below 20,000 then i doubt that they would have keep it going 15 later after ennis run. It did drop out of the top 100 after ennis left. Just as you stated aaron run was marvel last effort to see how much life it had without ennis. As for aaron run i dont agree that it was any good. The series came across as fan fiction. Aaron was to much of fanboy of garth ennis work and wanted to cement his place within ennis run so back that it was terrible. He tried so many ways to mix his work with ennis Punisher that it came across as pathetic. \:\)

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