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Subj: Re: So what SHOULD Marvel do with the PUNISHER?
Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 at 01:42:15 am EDT (Viewed 5 times)
Reply Subj: Re: So what SHOULD Marvel do with the PUNISHER?
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    Frank has been through a lot lately, including dying a permanent death in the MAX universe.

    1. Marvel seems to want Frank in the main MU-616

    2. the REAL Spider-man, not the cheap fake that is running around finally rallied the Avengers and they shut Frank down and Tony puts him in an undersea prison that Frank cannot get out of unless someone frees him. This is ideally the best prison for Frank as we all know that if he goes to Ryker's or the raft the prison population will soon DECLINE.

On a side note, I think that Superior Spider-man is an excellent title with an excellent idea. My only criticism of it is that they screwed the pooch by revealing too early that Peter Parker is still 'alive'.

As for the Avengers - thats easy. Its a big Marvel Universe with any number of massive threats to deal with, so I expect that they will once more be too busy to give him their full attention.

    3. Frank somehow is out of that prison and with the Thunderbolts, a team up that you just know can't last for long.

A title that wont last long at this rate - its poor.

    So, what does Marvel do? Keep Frank around in MU-616 despite the fact that the Avengers could and should stop him? Should Frank leave New York and travel the country and world blasting bad guys? He's done that before but always heads back to New York.

Personally I think they should be looking at what has made Frank successful in the past - lots of street level antics, lots of original villains that he can kill off, and the occasional crossover with an established hero or villain

    Should Frank face super villains? Remember what Daken did to him and the results of that?

That was something of an aberation done because they had Frankencastle in mind. For the most part Frank has been duking it out with bigger and better heroes and villains for decades, so if a writer ants him to succeed then he will.

    Should Frank get some type of Infinity Formula or similar serum?

Absolutely not.

First of all the infinity formula is nothing but a way of explaining why a person who was kicking ass in WW2 is still kicking it today - it doesnt make you faster or stronger, just long lived.

As for any other kind of 'powers': What do people like about Frank? What makes him unique or interesting? It isnt the fact that he can lift cars or shoot lasers out of his ass. No, its his ingenuity, his skill, his tenacity, his never-say-die attitude and the fact that he doesnt need all of that other stuff.

    Or should they do a story where Frank falls into a dimensional portal and ends up in the MAX universe where his counterpart is dead but our Frank is there now, alive, young and ready to blast bad guys?

MAX was brilliant, but its done. Let it be and lets concentrate on making him a success in the 616 universe rather than trying to find excuses not to bother.

Well we will need to agree to disagree about the Allegedly Superior Spidey

As to Frank, I'd like to see him succeed again in MU-616 but I just can't see how after all the damage that has been done, damage that culminated in that Frankencastle junk and how the Avengers now agree that they need to shut Frank down.

So what to do?

1. Frank starts taking jobs blasting bad guys, similar to Golgo 13? He charges a few million per hit, makes sure his client is legit and the target is legit then does the job. Of course the occasional story of the client or target not being legit would be necessary then Frank deals with the ones that tricked him.

2. Frank somehow gets a "license to kill" as it were from the govt. or military. People in higher circles know that Frank is one of the penultimate soldiers on the planet (Cap is his superior of course), so why not give Frank a license as it were and let him do his thing while occasionally sending him on missions?

3. Also for some interesting team up ideas, Frank really needs to team up with Bucky/Winter Soldier. I have a hunch these two old soldiers could easily work well together although Bucky may not be too keen on sanctioning any and all criminals like Frank is.

4. As to Thunderbolts, I think the writer is changing soon and we can only hope that is the case. However even if the book picks up, Frank and teams don't seem to work well. Yes he is a soldier and yes Ross is/was a general so Frank would have some respect for him for that but that only goes so far. Eventually Frank is going to cross lines that others, even Deadpool, may find shocking and thus we risk Frank vs. the Thunderbolts.

As to Frank vs. super humans, well he does have what it takes in terms of tactics to go against them as he lured both Widow and THOR to where he needed their help and to show them that there are some threats that the Avengers SHOULD be dealing with but aren't. However Frank needs to deal with street level criminals, terrorist groups, drug cartels, white collar criminals, etc. His super human encounters should be limited or preferably none at all, and he should have one or two foes that he just can't kill like Kingpin and Jigsaw.

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