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Subj: Re: So what SHOULD Marvel do with the PUNISHER?
Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 at 02:52:57 pm EDT (Viewed 556 times)
Reply Subj: Re: So what SHOULD Marvel do with the PUNISHER?
Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2013 at 01:42:15 am EDT (Viewed 5 times)

    Well we will need to agree to disagree about the Allegedly Superior Spidey

Its off-topic, but I'm interested as to what the problem is with it?

You werent one of those sending death threats to Dan Slott were you?


    As to Frank, I'd like to see him succeed again in MU-616 but I just can't see how after all the damage that has been done, damage that culminated in that Frankencastle junk and how the Avengers now agree that they need to shut Frank down.

I dont see Frankencastle as a problem 1) because existing fans have either forgotten it or are desperate to do so, and 2) because new fans wont be aware of it in the first place.

The Avengers meanwhile will do what they always do - get tied up in something alot bigger than Frank Castle.

    So what to do?

    1. Frank starts taking jobs blasting bad guys, similar to Golgo 13? He charges a few million per hit, makes sure his client is legit and the target is legit then does the job. Of course the occasional story of the client or target not being legit would be necessary then Frank deals with the ones that tricked him.

Money to kill is fundementally against what the Punisher stands for, not because he doesnt use or need it, but because he doesnt like someone else calling the shots or choosing the targets.

    2. Frank somehow gets a "license to kill" as it were from the govt. or military. People in higher circles know that Frank is one of the penultimate soldiers on the planet (Cap is his superior of course), so why not give Frank a license as it were and let him do his thing while occasionally sending him on missions?

Again, the problem with this is that it involves Frank essentially working *for* someone. He's kinda doing that in T-Bolts, but thats not working as a title, its been done before with things like The Trust and in the Ultimates. It has some merit, but as a temporary thing I think.

    3. Also for some interesting team up ideas, Frank really needs to team up with Bucky/Winter Soldier. I have a hunch these two old soldiers could easily work well together although Bucky may not be too keen on sanctioning any and all criminals like Frank is.

Team ups always sell, but they are short term things also - one or two issues. Sadly, whilst something like a Winter Soldier team up makes perfect sense, teaming up with a character whos own book is likely to be cancelled will not bring success. Unless youre happy for more Wolverine and Spidey team ups then no one will buy it.

    4. As to Thunderbolts, I think the writer is changing soon and we can only hope that is the case. However even if the book picks up, Frank and teams don't seem to work well. Yes he is a soldier and yes Ross is/was a general so Frank would have some respect for him for that but that only goes so far. Eventually Frank is going to cross lines that others, even Deadpool, may find shocking and thus we risk Frank vs. the Thunderbolts.

The change in the art alone made it more enjoyable. Sales of the book arent great, and whilst they probably wont pick up, hopefully they will level out at a stable level.

    As to Frank vs. super humans, well he does have what it takes in terms of tactics to go against them as he lured both Widow and THOR to where he needed their help and to show them that there are some threats that the Avengers SHOULD be dealing with but aren't. However Frank needs to deal with street level criminals, terrorist groups, drug cartels, white collar criminals, etc. His super human encounters should be limited or preferably none at all, and he should have one or two foes that he just can't kill like Kingpin and Jigsaw.

I agree almost entirely, although I do think there should be some superhuman involvement rather than none.

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